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10 Mobile Penetration Testing Tools to Rely On

Cybersecurity is one of the most concerning areas in the modern business world. With the rise in work-from-home culture, people have become increasingly mobile. The remarkable rise in the number of users, devices, and programs the workforce uses has resulted in the constant deluge of data accessed and downloaded to these devices. A large part of this data being handled is sensitive or confidential, bringing us back to the question of cybersecurity.

Another area of concern is mixing personal and professional devices both at work and home. Considering the massive volume of data passing through these devices, sometimes via unsecured networks, the importance of cybersecurity continues to grow.

The ever-changing techniques of cyber attackers and the exponential increase in the number of cyberattacks drain a significant amount of an organization’s resources and time. So, it is a cause of concern for the organization’s IT infrastructure and management team.  

Penetration Testing: An Excellent Precautionary Measure

Penetration Testing is a series of intentional cyberattacks on a network, computer system, website, or application. The test helps identify exploitable vulnerabilities which hackers can exploit. The Pen Test results help eliminate these loopholes in the cybersecurity system of your organization and keep the data and IT infrastructure safe from different malicious attacks.

Reliable Mobile Penetration Tools

Some of the reliable Pen Testing tools used by IT Infrastructure and Service Management Companies are:

1. Burp Suite

It is an integrated platform used to test the vulnerabilities of web applications. Multiple tools, which are a part of this suite, work together to perform the entire test, starting from mapping and analysis of the attack to finding the unethical vulnerabilities of the system. Also, it offers the facility of scheduled and repeated scanning of systems. 

2. Nikto

Nikto is a web server scanner that scans and tests a website for any security issues. These include outdated server software, harmful files, CGI, forgotten scripts, and other hard to detect problems. It also performs generic and server-specific tests. It can scan multiple servers and ports simultaneously. It checks for host authentication, and replays saved positive requests.

3. Kiuwan

Kiuwan is end-to-end application security software designed to detect vulnerabilities and threats in your application code securities before making it into production. It complies with the highest industry standards regarding OS component management and license compliance and offers vulnerability remediation.


QARK stands for ‘Quick Android Review Kit,’ an open-source project developed by LinkedIn researchers. It is one of the most efficient automated statistical analysis tools for Java-based Android users. It performs a thorough source-code analysis and can detect common security vulnerabilities in Android products. It has the feature of a headless mode to allow for integration into the SDLC. Moreover, it has the source-to-sink mapping and automatic issue validation features.

5. Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)

The OWASP ZAP (Zed Proxy attack) is also an open-sourced software. It uses automated tools such as active, spider, and active scanners, port scanners, etc. ZAP is an easy-to-use, integrated Pen-testing tool designed for web developers and functional testers. ZAP is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows in over 29 languages. It is the most widely-used web app scanner. It is a flagship project maintained by a dedicated team of international volunteers.

6. Drozer

Drozer is a toolkit for Android app assessment. The assessment can be carried out for an individual or your organization. Its unique features include information gathering, static analysis, run time manipulation, etc. It allows the user to implement a dynamic Java code which avoids the need to compile and install test scripts. 

7. Micro Focus

This software uses an analytical-based approach holistically to diagnose and handle security-based problems. It protects data by actively monitoring it and helps manage identities by handling privileges, identity stores, and access controls.

8. Codified Security

It searches your smartphones for security issues before releasing them in the market. It also follows the static analysis model to analyze applications and diagnose vulnerabilities in security precisely. It supports multiple platforms, such as Java, Apache, Cordova, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Swift, etc. It tests the mobile app binaries without checking for the code. Moreover, the data and the platform are stored on a secure Google Cloud Server. It offers the option of on-demand testing, and false positives are eliminated via auto-validation. It has OWASP, HIPPA, and PCI-DSS regulation coverage.

9. Veracode 

It is an end-to-end learning experience that seamlessly amalgamates app development and application analysis. Veracode is a cross-platform that tests the security of apps throughout the development cycle of apps. It can be easily consolidated into the software lifecycle to help keep out vulnerabilities during the production cycle. Furthermore, it analyzes internal and third-party applications on devices. 

 10. MobSF

MobSF (Mobile Security Framework) is a mobile testing application for Windows, iOS, and Android. It is an all-in-one mobile application for malware analysis, pen-testing, and security assessment. It uses static and dynamic assessment methods and supports APK, APPX, IPA binaries, and zipped source code.

Final Words

The potential data breach can adversely affect your reputation and privacy and lead to financial and legal consequences. Therefore, it is prudent to protect your data and the safety of your code and keep your app debugged. Pen tests are an excellent tool that helps accomplish this goal. A reliable IT infrastructure and service management partner like Atlas Systems can guide you in picking and choosing the appropriate testing tools and mobile application assessment strategies to ensure the safety of your servers and applications. With a team of well-learned IT experts, Atlas Systems can manage your IT infrastructure most professionally. To know more about how they can help you, visit

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