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1853 Kinney Avenue Gofundme


  • Briefly introduce the 1853 Kinney Avenue GoFundMe campaign and its purpose.

The Campaign’s Background

  • Explain the background story of the 1853 Kinney Avenue property, including any events that led up to the GoFundMe campaign being launched.

Campaign Details

  • Discuss the specific details of the GoFundMe campaign, such as the fundraising goal, deadline, and any incentives for donors.

Impact of the Campaign

  • Explore the impact of the campaign, including any progress made towards the fundraising goal, community involvement, and any media attention the campaign has received.

Challenges Faced

  • Discuss any challenges or obstacles that the campaign has faced, including financial, logistical, or social barriers.

Lessons Learned

  • Summarize any lessons learned from the campaign, including any strategies or techniques that proved successful, as well as any mistakes that were made.

Future Plans

  • Outline any future plans for the 1853 Kinney Avenue property, including how the funds raised through the campaign will be used, and any upcoming events or initiatives.


Sum up the 1853 Kinney Avenue GoFundMe campaign, including its successes, challenges, and impact, and express gratitude to donors and supporters.

Location and Route Map:

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