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3 Reasons to Write Blogs for Your Website

Blogging is an important element of any digital marketing or content marketing strategy. It ties in with your SEO campaign, keeps your audiences engaged with your brand, and helps you share your ideas and expert knowledge with a wider community. It gives your audience value – in the form of information, education, entertainment, or all the above.

Blogs can be repurposed into other content marketing activities – like sharing to social media or featuring in an email newsletter. They can used in sales funnels and lead generation activities, and they can be used to help onboard new staff members, helping them familiarise themselves with your product, brand and service offering.

When used strategically, blogs have the potential to offer your brand more value than the sum of their parts. In this article, we’re going to deep dive into three of the main benefits (although the are many more!) as to why it is important to write blog articles for your website on a regular basis and buy backlinks.

Blogs and SEO Go Hand-in-Hand

Content is king when it comes to SEO. In order to rank for a particular search term or phrase, you need to have content relating to that topic on your website. Continuously adding blog articles and new pages to your website allows you to target a wider range of keywords or phrases.

Larger websites with more pages, content and valuable information for the users tend to rank better on Google and generate consistently more website traffic. Blog articles often also perform well for long-tail search terms or phrases, question-based search terms, and research-based search terms. Your blog articles are a great place to answer the user’s search query in detail and in doing so, you’ll earn some goodwill towards your brand.

Another key metric that Google looks at when determining where your website should place in its search engine results pages (SERPs) is freshness of content, and how regularly your website is maintained. Google wants to provide a good user experience for its users, and a website that is consistently updating its content and information is more likely to provide that better experience. Simply put, Google doesn’t want to send its users to a website that hasn’t been updated in two years and that has out-of-date information that has become stale and redundant.

And the final SEO benefit that blogs have for your website is that they can help you garner more backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites – when someone finds your blog content interesting, informative or useful, they are more likely to add a link to your website in one of their own blogs referencing your brand. They are also more likely to share your blog article to their social media channels, or post in online forums to start discussions with like-minded people. All of this ‘sharing’ activity is beneficial to your website and your SEO campaigns. The more your content is shared throughout the wider internet, the more traffic your blog articles and website will receive.

Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader with Regular Blogging

Do you consider yourself a thought-leader within your industry? Are you leading the way in terms of innovative thinking, idea generation, and problem solving within your sector? Your blog is the perfect space to start sharing your inventive thinking and claim your ideas as your own – before anyone else does.

Sharing insights that only someone with your specific industry experience can do is a great way to become known as an important player within your field. It can also connect in with a PR campaign – when journalists researching stories for media publications stumble across your content, they will start reaching out to you to ask for comments or to be the expert source for their own articles.

Sharing your knowledge and experience in blog articles can also help you improve your conversion rate. When prospective customers or clients do their due diligence, your blog and social media channels are often one of the first places they look. If your blog showcases your abilities and know-how, it can assist them in making their purchasing decision as they gain confidence in your credibility.

Blog Content as Part of a Wider Content Marketing Strategy

A great copywriter can turn one blog article into dozens of pieces of content for your digital marketing activities. One blog article can be split up into multiple social media posts, or it can be used in your email marketing campaigns. It can also be used as part of a sales funnel or customer journey – as you feed blog articles to your prospective customer, each one acting as a ‘bread crumb’ that leads them to the final conversion / sale.

Your blog articles can be repurposed in PR campaigns, or as the basis of a podcast episode. You could combine 3 or 4 blog articles on related topics into a single white paper, that you then use as a free downloadable resource or lead magnet. The possibilities are endless.

Write More Blogs, Win More Clients

There are so many great benefits to writing blogs for your business’ website. All you need is a great team of Brisbane copywriters to help you publish well-written, SEO optimised blog articles on a consistent basis, and you’ll see increases in your website traffic, brand engagement, conversions, and sales.

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