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4 Critical Advantages of Professional IT Services

Given how Information Technology has become so closely intertwined with modern business that many leaders in the community claim that a successful organisation cannot function without it, the increase in demand for IT services makes perfect sense.

Professional IT services are a somewhat new phenomenon in the grand scheme of things – though they have certainly been around for over a decade now. We spoke to a provider of IT services based in London. TechQuarters, who have specialised in managed IT services London SMBs have been relying on since 2010, discussed what professional IT services usually entail, and what the advantages of using them are.

What Are Professional IT Services?

Nowadays, businesses operate with the help of many different kinds of technological solutions. From hardware like phones and computers, to software applications, search engines, even social media – not to mention underlying infrastructure technology like cloud computing, firewalls, and more – businesses have a lot of technology that they rely on to function properly. Issues with technology can result in significant downtime for a business, and so many pay professional service providers to ensure that their tech is running is smoothly and consistently as it is possible for it to. This is what TechQuarters do for their clients, and it includes a range of services, including IT support, security services, backup & disaster recovery services, etc.

Advantages of IT Services

As we mentioned in the previous section, the different types of IT services that businesses use can be quite varied, which means that there are a number of different types of benefits that IT services have for a business. Below is a list of some of the most common advantages that businesses have in mind when they partner with companies like TechQuarters.

  1. Better IT Expertise

First and foremost, businesses know that IT service providers have the best IT expertise that is available to them. This is because IT service providers hire a pool of experts with varied experiences, and invest in training for them to make sure that there are no gaps in their knowledge and expertise. Many businesses have their own in-house IT experts, but may not have the budget to keep up their training. IT providers need to do ensure their staff have the most cutting edge expertise, however, as it is part of their business model.

  1. Enhanced IT Management

Tying in with the previous point, IT service providers offer much more comprehensive and efficient IT management for many businesses – especially smaller businesses. This is partly due to the more cutting edge/up-to-date expertise they generally have – plus the presence of multiple IT managers to deal with the demand for their services; however, it also has a lot to do with the fact that IT service providers generally have more resources at their disposal, and the fact that IT is their number 1 priority. Conversely, many businesses treat IT management as an afterthought.

  1. Improved Net Profits

An IT services provider can help their clients improve their net profits, by lowering their IT expenses, and reducing the instances of costly mistakes. Many people (mistakenly) believe that outsourced IT services are a bigger expense than in-house IT. However, oftentimes, the annual expense of outsourced IT services is a fraction of the expense of hiring and retaining an IT department with multiple members of staff. Furthermore, taking into account the value for money you get with IT services (i.e. the expertise, the available resources, etc.) businesses get a lot more for the money they pay. Ongoing expenses are often reduced when outsourcing IT. Plus, an IT partner can help prevent costly technical issues.

  1. Better Operational Efficiency

Many people think that IT service providers only provide clients with IT support, but it generally goes further than that. For example, TechQuarters provides IT support Essex businesses rely on, but they also provide things like technology recommendations to help clients streamline and optimize their operations. IT service providers can help businesses adopt new solutions – such as cloud computing, unified communications, and mobile technology – that enable them to work more efficiently and productively.

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