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4 Things to Avoid in Student Housing

Student housing is important in the overall university experience. This is because for this experience to be enjoyable, the accommodation concerns must be deeply considered. Student housing is also an important milestone for individuals as it marks a transition for one moving from the comfort of their indigenous homes. For this reason, it requires students to be endowed with self-discipline in order to avoid critical mistakes which can occur at the cost of their studies. This article covers some of the activities that students should not attempt while in the accommodation rooms.

1. Procrastination of House chores

A clean environment has a great contribution to a student’s academic work. Having a clean and organized residential house like the JMU apartments is crucial. Without it, a student’s academic work might be affected. This is because the level of hygiene and cleanliness in the house affects the mindset of students. A student who is reluctant to attend to the house chores causes a dirty surrounding environment, increasing stress levels. Intense stress in a student’s mind causes depression which can negatively affect concentration and memory for retaining classwork. In addition, an unclean environment can cause sickness to the affected students, which disrupts their academic schedules. Due to this and many other reasons, clean houses have proved to correlate with academic achievement, and therefore negligence in attending to the house chores should be discouraged.

2. Huge House Parties

Organizing huge house parties by the students may have hazardous consequences, especially for the host. At these huge parties, it may be difficult for the host to control his fellows in his own house. Furthermore, the students’ behavior portrayed at such parties may be unacceptable to the community. This may include hazardous intake of alcohol or even other drug substances. This is a great risk as an owner of the house to allow such activities to take place in your house. In addition, such behaviors may lead to the emergence of violence, which can destroy property in one’s room. The noisy parties may also be of great disturbance to the other students in the same residential houses. Their complaints to the house owner may create tensions with them, creating an uncomfortable environment.

3. Having unnecessary Problems with the Landlords and Caretakers

For a student to have a comfortable life in their residential area, sustaining a relationship with the owner is crucial. This is because, despite the students having a duty to keep safe, it is the responsibility of the owner to protect and offer security services. This relationship enables a student to report unrecognized rules violations to ensure that comfortability is well considered. Since the landlord bears the responsibility for the tenants’ safety, it would be of less impact to have an unnecessary grudge with the landlord. These problems may be caused by students` negligence in obeying the rules of the residential houses. Disruption to the other people leasing the house may also bring tensions between students and the owners. This is because such disruptions may chase away the landlord’s customers. Therefore, the student-Landlord relationship is essential in the general lifestyle of a student.

4. Conflicting With The Roommates

In most cases, as in JMU apartments, students have to share a room with a friend to be able to pay rent cheaply. There are many issues that may arise, causing differences among students sharing a room. These differences are mainly due to their differences in background and lifestyles. These relationship tensions are hazardous as they may lead to unhealthy conflicts, disrupting students’ school schedules. Despite roommate conflicts being inevitable, quick handling should be conducted to seek instant solutions. To ensure that such conflicts are minimized, one should ensure that they avoid interfering with the other person’s schedule at all costs. For the smooth running of the student’s campus life, they should consider prioritizing peaceful coexistence with their roommates.

In conclusion, having such guidelines to help avoid bad habits ensures the students have a comfortable and conducive environment for their studies. These guidelines are also important for students to evaluate and understand their lifestyles while studying. By comprehending their lifestyles, they can live according to their lines, promoting their success.

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