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4 Things you need to know when buying a basketball jersey

Nearly every basketball enthusiast idolises Michael Jordan and his illustrious world records. People show their passion for the game by shooting hoops, sporting a Michael Jordan jersey, and supporting the team during the NBA finals. The most fantastic approach to joining the fan club if you’re a die-hard basketball lover is to get team gear online. However, if you’re not careful, buying sports jerseys from one of the many online stores could result in you paying an exorbitant amount for cheap synthetic materials. So before you splurge at purchasing a basketball jersey, continue reading and acquaint yourself with the various types of jerseys available in the market.

Primarily there are four different types of basketball jerseys:


The most coveted and expensive jerseys in the league are the classic styles. Additionally, they are the strongest, cosiest, trendiest, and most adaptable. This is because they are composed of 100% cotton and have a broader cut than other jerseys, allowing you to move freely without impeding your breathing (since they lack mesh).


The most well-known and identifiable type of NBA jersey is the Association jersey. All teams wear it while playing, and spectators can buy one to wear outside of Madison Square Garden or Staples Center to show their support for their favourite team. The player’s last name is printed on the back of the Association shirt in a conventional font, and his number is printed on either side.


NBA icon jerseys are made to honour the league’s past. Athletes whose teams no longer exist and have been retired for at least three years are given icon jerseys (like Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls). You can wear these jerseys on particular days or special occasions because they have a classic appearance and colour scheme.


These are the most upscale and fashionable jerseys that NBA franchises sell. Although they cost more than other jerseys, you can frequently purchase them on sale or with a discount through various websites. Moreover, they are breathable, light, flexible, and strong, making them ideal for wearing when exercising or around the house. While some athletes wear these jerseys during workouts, others favour statement jerseys since they are more comfortable due to their lightness and airiness.

Probably, now you have decided which kind of jersey you would like to buy. If so, here are some crucial tips to consider when purchasing. 

Tips for buying basketball jerseys

Know Your Measurements

The jersey size is the most crucial consideration. Before confirming the order, review the size chart available on the website. This will ensure that you get your most accurate size and will not have to return your team merchandise. Don’t just rely on the labels for small, medium, or large items because measurements can vary based on the brands.

Fabric’s Material

You must carefully inspect the fabric if you intend to buy a basketball jersey shirt while playing basketball or working out. Suppose you are purchasing a Michael Jordan jersey; make sure it fits like a second skin and is lightweight. Additionally, it should absorb and dry your sweat instead of keeping the cloth damp. You can start by carefully researching the website’s material composition.

Review the Ratings

It is insufficient to believe in a company’s name merely! It would help if you also visited independent websites, reviews, and online forums to see what other people think of the jersey. As a result, you won’t be swayed by paid advertisements and will learn about honest reviews. It is best to steer clear of a brand if a particular problem frequently appears in the comments.

Hope you found this article interesting. That was it! You need to know these important things when buying a basketball jersey. 

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