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4 Tips for Physicians Starting a New Job Search

When you’re in the field of healthcare working as a physician, you know things are going to be different for you. Your job is more challenging and rewarding, you’re provided a higher level of respect than many others, and your salary is commensurate with your demanding work.

It’s only natural, then, that your job search protocols are unique, too.

Unlike many other job seekers, heading to the typical “help wanted” platforms doesn’t work as well for you. Most healthcare facilities and physician offices post their openings in other places, and they want more information than a general application provides.

Use these four tips to streamline the search for your next career path and avoid weeding through most of the irrelevant ads.

1. Hire a Recruiter

Do you have hours of extra time in your day that you can spend sorting through potential job postings, filling out applications, and attending less-than-ideal interviews?


Most of us don’t. That’s why your first step should be hiring a recruiter to do all of that for you.

Physician recruiters get to know you. They learn what your dream career and benefits look like, and they connect you with jobs that match those standards.

Top recruiters know the market and the hiring managers. They’ve been in the hospitals or offices where you’re considering working. They know which places are good fits for your ideal position and which ones you should avoid. This is particularly helpful if you’re searching for a job in another city. 

The best part about working with a recruiter is that it’s free for you. The hiring organization with the open job posting pays the fees, and the recruiter scans through the candidates, like you, and connects them.

2. Get Organized

When was the last time you updated your curriculum vitae and resume? Do you have all the documents you’ll need if you do get hired, such as a copy of your license, your social security card, and similar requirements?

Whether you’re a brand new graduate or you’ve been practicing for years, entering the job search world means getting organized. Update your address and contact information. 

Add your LinkedIn and other professional profiles. Include those new skills, certifications, and accolades you’ve mastered since you reviewed your resume last. Most importantly, adjust the references on your document and their contact info.

There are options if all this sounds too much for you to tackle. Professional resume writers are trained and certified in taking your “blah” details and turning them into text that shines a spotlight on your abilities.

3. Never Sign a Contract Without a Lawyer’s Opinion

You went to med school, not law school. That means you’re highly intelligent and deserving of a competitive salary and excellent perks, but you’re not 100% sure if the fine print in a contract ensures you’re getting the best deal.

That’s where a contract lawyer can be of assistance. As explained in this article by Physicians Thrive, a contract review lawyer looks over the legally binding document before you sign. 

They focus on factors like your base salary, the hours you’re required to work, benefits, and bonus potentials. The contract reviewer also checks for things you might not know, like if a non-compete or termination clause is legal and fair.

It’s in your best interest to have your contract reviewed by an expert professional before you sign it. Anything they catch makes it worth your time.

4. Prepare for Your Interview

So you don’t have an actual interview lined up yet. Great! Now is the perfect time to prepare for the one you will get soon.

Find your interview clothes and check that they’re clean, unstained, and not ripped. Bring them to the cleaners to get dry cleaned and ironed if necessary. This might take a week or longer, so don’t wait until you get the interview scheduled.

When you dress to impress, you show the hiring manager you’re a professional who understands the importance of their career. It’s a first impression that starts your interview out on the right foot.


Your next career role could take you places you’ve been dreaming of going … if you know how to get there. With these tips, you’ll focus your job search activity on the ideal positions you want, without the extra irrelevant ads and interviews wasting your time.

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