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5 Essential Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Ecommerce marketing strategies are a must if you want to compete in today’s market. Adobe Commerce experts say, “Customers — both B2B and B2C — expect personalized experiences.” It can be tough to stay on top of all the latest trends, so they’ve put together the five essential ecommerce marketing strategies you need in 2019 to stay ahead of the curve.

Virtual Assistant

The most important thing to know about virtual assistants is that they can take care of all sorts of business-related tasks for you but not your whole business. A virtual assistant is an employee who works from home or from another location remote from your office and does work for one client at a time. They are also known as “remote assistants” or, by their more formal title, “home workers.”

When choosing a virtual assistant, there are several things you should consider:

  • How much experience does the person have?
  • What kind of training do they have to perform the job effectively?
  • What kind of education did they complete in order to be qualified for this position?


Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics software in the world. It’s free, easy to set up and use, and has features that go above and beyond basic analytics.

If you want more detailed information than what Google Analytics provides, there are a number of third-party options that can be integrated with it. These include Keen IO, Mixpanel (both free), ChartMogul ($30/month), Heap ($5/week), Amplitude ($100/month), Hotjar ($29/month), Clicky($60/month) SumoMe($20/month).

Hosted Site Search

A hosted site search solution provides a search engine for your store. A search engine helps customers find products when they search for them. Customers can search by product name, category, and brand.

A hosted site search solution is a great way to help customers find what they want on your ecommerce store.

Social Media

Facebook is a great place to market your ecommerce store. It’s huge, has a lot of users, and it’s easy to get started. So you can create a Facebook Shop with just a few clicks and start selling your products there.

Facebook will also show you how much traffic is coming from the new Facebook Shop section, so you’ll know how many people see your ad daily. This makes it easier to track how well your ads are working and ensures that you’re getting value out of them every time you spend money on them!

Facebook’s New Shop Section

Facebook’s new Shop section is a great way to get your store in front of new customers. With this feature, you can create and manage a shop on Facebook that showcases your products in an easy-to-view format. You can add products from the Facebook app or website, and they’ll be automatically added to your page as well. This feature will be available to all stores, so you don’t need any technical expertise or expensive tools—all you need is a few minutes!

Now that you’re ready to start, it’s time to implement these five ecommerce marketing strategies. Remember that these aren’t the only options; they are some of the most effective choices you feel will help your business grow. E-commerce is a competitive industry, and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd, but if you follow these tips and continue refining them as time goes by, you should be able to achieve success in no time!

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