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5 Smart Thermostat Features to Look For

In contrast to conventional thermostats, smart thermostats, also referred to as Wi-Fi thermostats, are programmable ones. This smart home appliance is not only cost-efficient but also extremely energy-efficient.

Simply connect it to your home Wi-Fi network and use the smart thermostat app on your smartphone or tablet to control and monitor your HVAC system’s temperature and energy use.

The great thing about modern smart home appliances is that most, if not all of them, come with a remote access feature. It enables the user to manage various parts of their home from a smartphone, even when they are away from it.

Although the idea of programmable thermostats is not new, modern smart thermostats are significantly more sophisticated and are capable of much more than just regulating your home’s temperature.

The functionality of a smart thermostat varies from model to model, but its fundamental benefits are constant: it may enable you to reduce your electricity costs and is a great home energy management system.

It can be difficult to select the best smart thermostat for your home because there are so many available. As a result, we’ve listed the top five features that an ideal smart thermostat should have.


In general, each smart thermostat has a corresponding app that users can download on their smartphones and use to connect the device to their home Wi-Fi network. Even though this is a regular practice, some people might not be aware of it.

To install and use the geofencing feature of the smart thermostat, be sure to download the app to your smartphone or tablet. In essence, the thermostat’s software sets up a geofence or electronic border close to your house.

Now, the app will automatically turn the smart thermostats on or off in accordance with how it has been programmed as soon as the user crosses that threshold. If you travel or spend a lot of time away from home, this feature is a must-have.

Real-Time Notifications

The fundamental goal of smart home technology is to keep you constantly informed about what is going on inside and outside of your house. The same is true for smart thermostats, which not only make life more convenient but also increase security.

It makes sense for you to constantly check in on your home when you are away on a trip for work or pleasure. For instance, your smart thermostats should be able to send you a notification informing you that your pipes might start to freeze if the temperature unexpectedly drops.

With the help of this notification, you can have someone at your home to solve the issue before it worsens.

Proximity Sensor

A smart thermostat with a full-color touch screen is lovely, but if it’s on all the time, it becomes obtrusive. A proximity sensor is another feature you should look for in a smart thermostat.

This sensor ensures that the screen of the smart thermostat only becomes brighter when someone approaches it and dims as you move away. If your smart thermostat has a proximity sensor, you can adjust it without turning on a separate light or fumbling with it in the dark.

Individual Sensors

A smart thermostat needs room sensors because they allow it to sense the temperature of the air around it. Although you might have several smart thermostats installed around your home, each one can only read the temperature in the immediate area, making some areas of your house uncomfortable.

Room sensors are similar to button-like devices with the ability to track the room’s temperature. In order to let the smart thermostat know if there are humans in the room, the sensors relay this information to it. The HVAC system is substantially more effective – thanks to such sensors. You can check out video benefits of smart thermostat sensors.

Energy Consumption and Tracking Reports

This is a resource and money-saving function that every smart thermostat features. The house’s energy usage is noted by the smart thermostats, which also keep track of the times of day when energy consumption is highest.

Your findings will then be forwarded, enabling you to modify the temperature in your home as necessary. You can modify this if you see that some areas of your home are being heated or cooled inadvertently more than others. You can reduce your monthly energy costs in this way.

All in All

Smart thermostats are fantastic smart home gadgets to buy from gadget tech store. That said, it is important for you to know what features you should look for in a smart thermostat before purchasing one. Smart thermostats are a great smart home device if you plan on building a smart home in the long haul.

We sincerely hope that you now know what features are a must-have in a smart thermostat and why they are important. That is why we have shared all relevant information about the five features shared above!

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