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7 Intriguing Web Development Trends In 2022

Change is the only constant when it comes to web development. From new designs to new technologies- we get to see so many innovations every year. The year 2022 is no different. There are many interesting web development trends in 2022 that you would want to take notice of. So here we go…

Top Web Development Trends In 2022

Here are some emerging web development trends that we are seeing in 2022 as told to us by top web development service providers. Some of them have an immense potential to be extremely popular in the future.

Experiments With The Metaverse

With the advent of Virtual and Augmented Reality, people have now become more open to seeing such technologies being implemented on regular websites. These technologies are slowly shaping the Metaverse. But first off, what is Metaverse? Well, Metaverse is just a fancy name for a Virtual Reality world where you can create your own avatars. Your Avatar can interact with other virtual things and other Avatars present in the virtual world.

As you can see, the Metaverse has the potential to offer an unprecedented level of immersive experience to internet users. Companies like H&M have started opening virtual stores on Metaverse through which customers can have a real shopping mall-like experience. They can examine products and buy them virtually. So from 2022 onwards, we will be seeing a lot of experiments in the web development sphere regarding this Metaverse. This web development trend in 2022 is going to see a lot of improvement and feature addition in the coming years.

Integration of NFT and Blockchain

Another web development trend in 2022 is the integration of NFT and Blockchain. If Metaverse is the machine, then NFT and Blockchain are the nuts and bolts that would help Metaverse flourish. As you can imagine, the Metaverse has immense potential to monetize everything in the virtual world. From new clothes for your Avatar to even virtual houses and, of course, weapons in the game that you play- everything can be bought inside Metaverse. And in Metaverse, these kinds of transactions are facilitated through NFT or digital tokens. And NFTs, in turn, work on Blockchain. Blockchain validates the authenticity of NFT-based ownership. Web developers are increasingly integrating NFTs and Blockchain technology with their websites. Soon you will be able to buy virtual clothes for your Avatars using NFTs and even subscribe to virtual OTT services using the same technology.

Dark Mode: Another Web Development Trend In 2022

The dark mode is not just elegant, but it is protection for the eyes too. More and more websites are incorporating dark mode due to its immense popularity among web users. With a little bit of Javascript and CSS, making a website dark mode friendly is not a big deal. But the value it provides is immense. Android Authority did a survey a few years back, and it was revealed that 81.9% of people use dark mode. Web developers know this, and that is why this web development trend is going strong even in 2022.

Voice Search

A few years back, it was only search engines that incorporated the voice search option. But today, websites like Amazon use voice search to enhance the search experience within the websites. This is an extremely useful accessibility technology that more and more people are using while they browse. Incorporating voice search into your website can dramatically increase your competitive advantage. Although not new, this web development trend is going strong in 2022.

Progressive Web Apps

Gone are the days of platform-specific apps. Flexibility is the need of the hour. People want to be able to use digital services irrespective of whether they are using a Mac, Windows, Linux or Android. This is why web developers are turning more and more towards progressive web apps. Progressive web apps are basically websites that act like native apps. While the definition of PWA is a little bit vague, you can say that any app that can function in a browser, can be added to users’ home screens, and can function offline – can be termed a Progressive Web App. Creating progressive web apps is an extremely promising web development trend in 2022.

No Code/ Low Code Web Development

The No-Code/ Low Code movement has been gaining steam for quite some time now. And web development is no exception in this regard. People want to build websites all by themselves without depending on web developers and without HTML, CSS and JS knowledge. This idea was not so viable even just 10 years ago. But now, with the maturing of WordPress and with the advent of website builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder, developing stunning websites with minimal HTML or CSS is super viable. This no code/ low code web development is still trending in 2022, and its popularity will keep on increasing.

More Web Developers Will Be Using Cutting Edge HTML and CSS Code In 2022 Since Internet Explorer Is Discontinued

One of the reasons why developers have to use fallback HTML and CSS code is the fact that there are a lot of users who still use Internet Explorer (5.4% of total web browser users as of 2019). So a lot of time, web developers had to use old CSS and HTML paradigms. For example, CSS Grid is superior to Flexbox. Yet, web developers had a tendency to use Flexbox because Internet Explorer doesn’t support CSS Grid. But this sacrifice is going to stop in the latter part of 2022 as IE is going to be discontinued in June 2022. So, web developers can now use modern CSS paradigms without any hesitation.


Not just technology-wise, there are several design-specific web development trends in 2022 that are catching the attention of developers. For example, a lot of web developing companies are experimenting with pure CSS gradient effects. These gradients are more complex than the usual ones with intricate patterns. Again, the usage of 3D characters and illustrations is another web development trend in 2022 that’s showing no sign of stopping. All in all, 2022 has been a dynamic year for web developers and web designers.

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