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A Guide on Buying the Right Boxer Shorts for Men

Boxer shorts are a type of men’s underwear that offers comfort along with maximum coverage. Most prefer boxers underwear because it may be worn while sleeping and provides maximum comfort 24/7. They provide breathability as they are made from cotton. These shorts have no restriction on any kind of movement. This article discusses the types of boxer shorts and their benefits.

Types of Boxer Shorts for Men

1. Open-Fly Boxer Shorts

Open-fly boxers underwear has a comfortable and simple design that provides the utmost freedom of movement. As the name suggests, these shorts do not incorporate buttons to close the fly. The front part of the shorts is designed in such a way that it allows the extra material to overlap, which creates an opening that is completely covered and easy to access.

2. Grip Front Boxer Shorts

They are made of pure cotton or cotton-polyester blends, both of which are soft and comfortable. Grip front boxer shorts have an elastic band with a snap fastening at the waist. Snap fastenings are the ones that allow the boxers to open entirely from the front down to the waist.

3. Yoke Front Boxer Shorts

Yoke front boxer shorts open entirely from the front down to the waist and, in addition, have a snap fastening at the waistband. They are made of pure cotton fabric, cotton-polyester blends, silk, satin, and jersey knits. 

Three Attributes to Consider When Buying a Pair of Boxer Shorts

1. Comfort

The vital aspect to keep in mind while buying boxer shorts. Although boxer shorts have a relaxed fit, wearing the correct size is essential. On the contrary, not wearing the right size will lead to discomfort and restriction in movement.

2. Size

To determine the correct size for your underwear, it is advisable to buy two pairs of shorts and then see which one allows the most freedom of movement. Also, check out the sizing each brand offers before purchasing.

3. Fabric

There’s a lot of  boxer shorts made of cotton or cotton-jersey fabric. Cotton is a soft, lightweight fabric with high absorbency capability. The cotton-jersey fabric is soft with excellent elasticity. Other materials like nylon, silk, lycra, and spandex are used to make boxer shorts.

4. Style

Regarding style, boxers underwear comes in three designs: open fly, grip front, and yoke front. But in general, boxer shorts have a straight-cut leg opening with an open working front fly that covers the upper thighs. Boxer shorts generally have a relaxed and loose fit.

Advantages of Wearing Boxer Shorts

The main advantages of wearing boxer shorts are:

  • Boxer shorts offer a relaxed fit as they hug the waist perfectly.
  • They are ideal for men with fuller hips, as these shorts provide maximum coverage.
  • Due to the comfortable fit, boxer shorts go well with any trousers or pants.
  • They offer elasticity and stretchability as they are made of cotton and cotton-jersey fabric.
  • These can also be worn while sleeping as they provide an overall relaxed fit.

In Conclusion

Underwear is an essential part of clothing. Before buying boxer shorts, check the fabric, size, and whether they are comfortable. Comfort does indeed play a significant role when purchasing boxers. Measure your body, experiment with a few options, and find the perfect underwear.

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