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All You Need to Know About Stationery Items

Stationery items have been an essential part of offices, and schools are still important even after decades of technological changes and development in work culture. You will find a wide range of supplies essential for an office to function, especially for a creative/advertising company. These companies buy stationery online regularly to keep the work going 24×7. 

The stationery product market is one of the fastest-growing global markets. It is a thing of wonder and a curious case for many. Why? Because the companies are going paperless and there are no more requirements for pens or paper, everything is done online via gadgets. Then why would a company require the stationeries? 

Do you know the size of the stationery market? Below are some of the facts that will amaze you:

  • The global stationery market size will be USD 128.5 billion by 2025
  • Growth rate: 5.1% (CAGR)
  • Educational institutes held the biggest share of 45.3% in 2018

You can divide the segments on:

  • Paper-based
  • Ink-based
  • Art-based

The paper-based segment has the highest share in the global market.

If you are interested in the market segmentation, below is the list explaining the stationery items and their utilities.

By product type

  • School stationery
  • Writing instruments
  • Office Stationery
  • Paper products
  • Computer Stationery

By end users

  • Commercial sector
  • Educational sector

There is also a category called consumable stationery. What are they?

Consumable goods or non-durable goods/soft goods are some of the other names. They are intended to be consumed. These goods or products get used up, for example, office supplies such as pens, paper, file folders, post-it notes, ink cartridges, etc. 

What are the other types of products?

Products like fax machines, computers, and other appliances/gadgets are not consumable. 

Why are stationery items essential? Why does every institution, office, or classroom have them?

Having appropriate stationery supplies is critical for the daily running of the school, business, or management. 

For more efficiency

Pencils, pens, paper, calculators and even paper clips are necessary for the smooth functioning of most institutions. People become more productive when they have the right tools at the workplace. There must be appropriate tools to do the task if there’s a time limit and work pressure. Suppose you need to send a physical letter to another institution. You need the standard size paper, envelope, computer, printer, pen, stamp, gum, etc. You cannot post the letter if you don’t have just one of these listed items.

For professional appearance

Like Mark Twain once said, “Clothes maketh the man,” the furniture, interior decor, lighting, and supplies indeed make an office look complete. However, without the supply of proper utilities or facilities, the office won’t function or look good. You need all the necessary stationery items that a standard office must possess; therefore, you should buy stationery online whenever there’s a requirement.

For branding

You can skillfully use the stationery for your company’s branding. How? Companies have been doing this activity for ages, and it is an effective way to spread the brand and make it reach more people. 

Custom-made office supplies will have the name and logo of your company, and whoever uses them will see and experience the brand. In addition, the company’s identity will be widely known if these supplies are distributed in schools or local stores.

Even if people who visit your company take a few supplies to their home, each member at home will remember the brand whenever they use it. You can also gift these supplies to new joiners and customers/clients.

These points are more than enough to understand the importance of stationery supplies in every institution.

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