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Adorable Amalia Millepied : Continue To know More.

Amalia Millepied is the daughter of world famous actress Natalie Portman and her father is a well known dancer – Benjamin Portman. Amalia was born on 22nd of February in the year 2017. This makes her 6 years old as of now. Amalia’s Zodiac sign in Aries. She was born and raised by her parents in the United States of America.

Amalia Millepied Physical Appearance 

Amalia Millepied is very cute and she never fails to look super duper adorable. Amalia has brown colored hair, blonde hair. Her eyes are black in color. She resembles a lot like Natalie Portman. Her height weight and body measurements are unknown at the moment as Amalia Millepied age is just a child of 6 six years. We will let you once she has matured enough.

Amalia’s Childhood

Amalia Millepied is living a wonderful life already thanks to her father and mother’s hard work. Benjamin and Natalie Portman have worked hard to provide this life to their beautiful daughter. Amalia is in great care of her parents and living a great childhood right now.

Amalia Millepied Parents

Amalia’s parents are the famous – Benjamin Millepied, who is a world famous dance choreographer and her mother is a even more famous personality – Natalie Portman who is a very famous American actress known for her roles in films like Thor, V for Vendetta and Black Swan etc. Natalie Portman is actually an Israeli American actress.

Amalia Millepied Siblings

Currently, Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied have only one girl child and it is Amalia Millepied. Amalia is the only girl child of this cute couple. However there is another boy child of this couple – Aleph Millepied.

Amalia’s Career

It might appear that Amalia is too young to have a career because she is just six years old but she has already acted in a movie! Yes, she was part of the latest Thor movie : Love and Thunder. She was the girl who was running in the woods wearing a Thor costume. She has already paver her way into the industry and it is very probable that she will choose to be an actress when she grows up.

Amalia’s Social Media

As said above, Amalia Millepied is too young to be on any social media platforms. Social media is not a good place for kids, after all. However when she becomes mature enough to open an account, we will let you know.

Amalia Millepied Net Worth

Amalia herself is too young to have a definitive net worth value. Her career hasn’t even started yet. 

But if we talk about her parents, Benjamin has a net worth of around 10 million US dollars and Natalie Portman has a net worth of around 90 million US dollars.

Amalia’s Facts And Trivia

Amalia loves to play with toys

Amalia is the second child of Natalie and Benjamin

Avner Hershlag is the grandparent of Amalia Millepied.

She loves to spend time at the beach house. Amalia loves to watch cartoons and play games.

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