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Centricity vs. ChARM EHR for Medical Practices in 2022

Electronic medical records (EMR) software systems help create efficiencies that streamline day-to-day tasks and clinical processes for improved delivery of patient care. These technology-driven tools are designed to uphold and expedite the patient care process through workflow automation, patient engagement, and electronic management of medical data. However, a crowded market makes it difficult for users to choose the most suitable EMR product for their healthcare business.

Centricity and ChARM EMR stand out as two most popular EMR tools on the market. Both medical software solutions offer a wealth of features and capabilities and are viable options for various medical specialties. But which one is the most suitable option for your specific practice needs?

In this piece, we will pit Centricity against ChARM EMR, comparing their features, pricing models, integrations, and overall design to help you determine the best fit for your healthcare business. Ready? Let’s get started!

Centricity EMR vs. ChARM EMR: An Overview

Centricity EMR by GE Healthcare offers a comprehensive medical software solution for ambulatory practices of all sizes. Designed to be flexible, the platform aims to provide customizable healthcare services to suit each patient’s needs so that providers can improve the quality of treatment. It combines administrative, clinical, and financial management solutions into an intuitive interface. Physicians can quickly access a patient’s medical information and update it on the go. Centricity medical records software also offers a series of reporting tools that give valuable insights to help providers keep focused on improving healthcare outcomes. Moreover, Centricity EMR reviews confirm that the EMR solution offers robust workflow automation services across multiple specialties, including neurology, cardiology, oncology, ICU, electrophysiology, and more. 

ChARM EMR software offers a robust, cloud-based solution for healthcare organizations ranging from small independent physician clinics to large multi-specialty organizations. The interface of this health recording solution is designed with readily recognizable and simple icons to boost workflow efficiency. A variety of add-ons and pricing plans, including a free tier, enables users to tailor the software to suit their individual needs. ChARM Health EHR is designed to be an all-inclusive package for healthcare professionals. Its features, such as patient portal, telehealth, and medical records, allow providers to store and retrieve data digitally, while staying connected with their patients. Moreover, the software includes powerful RCM functionalities that let practitioners streamline their financial processes so that they can spend more time interacting with patients.

A Comparison of Features

Centricity medical software and ChARM EHR are two popular health IT tools that offer advanced features to help healthcare professionals stay on top of patient needs and optimize workflow efficiency. However, the two EMR software systems differ significantly in their features and unique strengths and weaknesses. You should definitely consider all this before finalizing a solution that will become your most go-to tool.

Centricity EMR Salient Features

Here will give you a quick overview of GE Centricity’s most important features:

Appointment Scheduling

The scheduling tool of this software automates the entire scheduling process of a practice. It efficiently reduces no-shows with automated appointment reminders while maximizing the amount of equipment and exam room usage.

Clinical Documentation

Centricity EMR software allows clinicians to fill up patients forms and charts easily with its comprehensive clinical documentation features. The software’s dictation and voice recognition capabilities help users in expediting the patient charting process. This is ideal for providers who are always on the go and hardly have time to deal with the manual documentation process.

Health Analytics

This helps physicians recognize patient patterns and enables them to see how their practices stack up compared to other medical facilities. These analytics also cover population health that aims to improve care outcomes for a group of people.


Centricity EMR reviews vouch for the fact the software makes it easier for clinicians to send refill requests to pharmacies and check for any potential drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions based on the patient’s medical history. It also supports medication tracking and reduces the risk of medication errors.

Revenue Management Capabilities

This allows clinicians to streamline day-to-day RCM operations and keep track of revenue streams. It provides valuable insights into a clinic’s revenue activities, expenses, and expenditures and suggests on how to increase growth

ChARM EMR Salient Features

ChARM EHR software offers a comprehensive suite of features to help medical professionals improve patient care and the operational health of their practices:


This EMR software is lauded for its impressive telehealth capabilities that enable both providers and patients to give and receive care from the comfort of their homes. Practitioners can use secure video or audio calls to connect remotely with patients while adhering to HIPAA guidelines.

Clinical Decisions

ChARM Health EHR software allows you to create custom decision trees from templates so that you can keep track of all the details related to complicated medical conditions.


This e-prescribing tool not only saves time for users but also promotes secure exchange of information. The software connects with over 70,000 pharmacies through which refill requests of medicines can be processed and prescriptions can be submitted electronically.

Eligibility Checks

Providers can verify the insurance eligibility of their patients in real-time prior to appointments to expedite the care process and reduce time spent by staff. Also, Read More About – Mucaine Gel

Document Sharing

ChARM EHR reviews suggest that the software enables patients to digitally share relevant documentation with their providers directly through their portal.

Pricing Comparison

The pricing plans for both the products are not disclosed publicly. You have to contact the vendors to obtain their cost structures.

Wrapping Up

Centricity and ChARM EMR are two high-quality medical software solutions on the market. They both excel in their own way and offer comprehensive tools to help practices optimize workflow efficiency and deliver the best patient care possible. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your specific business needs and preferred workflows. We highly recommend that you conduct due diligence and read through various user reviews before arriving at a decision.
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