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Choosing the Right Pet Isopod

Isopods are a unique crustacean that has gained massive popularity within the pet owning community. This is largely due to their utility and ease of care. However, when looking into isopods, you see that there is an abundance of species, all with different appearances and price points. With this overwhelming level of choice, it can be somewhat difficult to choose an isopod that’s right for your particular situation. With a little bit of guidance, however, you will soon understand what to look for in certain isopod species, and why you may want to choose certain varieties over others.

Think About What You Want from Them

Sitting down and truly assessing what you want out of your pet reptiles is going to be important to determining which is right for you. Different isopods fulfill different purposes, and you wouldn’t want to be stuck with one type that isn’t working out for your pet-keeping needs.

Cleanup Crew

Isopods are excellent at efficiently breaking down animal wastes, ensuring that the spread of disease is mitigated. They also happen to make a healthy, enriching snack for your other animals to forage for.

When choosing a good isopod for your cleanup crew, you want a sturdy, inexpensive isopod species that can survive in a variety of conditions and breed quickly. Certain isopod species that would make good tankmates for other animals include:

  • Armadillidium peraccae isopods
  • Powder orange/blue isopods
  • Dairy cow isopods
  • Zebra isopods
  • Spanish orange isopods

Before implementing your isopods as part of your cleanup crew, however, you may want to establish a separate, healthy colony first. This will prevent your colony from being significantly impacted by certain specimens being eaten by your other animals.

Gardening/Decorative Terrariums

Even if your terrarium/tank is simply for decoration and won’t have any other pets in it, isopods are still an excellent option for keeping fungus/mold growth off of any plants you may have. Since you will not have to worry about your colony being potentially eaten, you can invest in more aesthetically pleasing, rare isopods.


Of course, there are isopod keepers who keep them specifically to breed and collect. People are looking to create unique, impressive lines. Keep in mind that many of these isopods for sale (especially those in the Cubaris family), are considered somewhat more difficult to keep and proliferate. Many have highly specific conditions that need to be met for them to thrive and take an exceptionally long time to reproduce (some only do so once in their lifetimes).

If you have a bit more experience in raising isopods, and would like to experiment with some flashier, harder to raise varieties, you can try out the following:

  • Rubber ducky isopods
  • Shiro utsuri isopods
  • Panda king isopods
  • Silver ghost isopods

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your needs or experience level, there are a variety of isopods for sale that would make an excellent choice for your current situation. Before you know it, you’ll be keeping multiple, thriving colonies of these crustaceans.

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