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ClickUp Software vs ProjectManager Com – Best Practice Features Guide 

The ClickUp software was created in 2017 to support customer growth by providing tools for task management. It cultivates a rich board of products like whiteboards, documents, and goals to support teams engaged in engineering campaigns or CRM. The ProjectManager software was founded in 2008 and it is a cloud-based platform for workflow management and efficient resource allocation. It combines several visual management features like Kanban and Gantt to enhance its effectiveness. 

ClickUp and ProjectManager at a Glance 

Before moving on to a detailed review, let’s set the field for a brief ClickUp vs ProjectManager com comparative review. 


ClickUp and ProjectManager are both competent platforms with an enriching suite of features that can organize task management to a large extent. While clickup software  can be used to create hierarchies, automate tasks, and chat with team members, ProjectManager can be utilized to create workflow automation, dashboards, and project portfolios.


When it comes to pricing, both Clickup and ProjectManager provide the free option for beginners. However, each supports tier pricing to further ensure that they accommodate teams of all sizes. They also provide accommodating pricing plans 

Ease of Use

Neither ClickUp nor ProjectManger poses any difficulty when it comes to ease of use. They provide simple and manageable functions so you can quickly navigate around the system.

ClickUp Software Best Practices

Now that a simple introduction has been established, let’s take a deeper look into the features

  1. Tasks 

When it comes to task management, the ClickUp software gives you the option to break down assignments into doable tasks. A step-by-step task breakdown will be useful in making sure that task dependencies are eliminated. 

You can, furthermore, access 35+ apps to entirely customize workflows. ClickUp makes it possible to automate tasks, assign Sprint Points, add custom field data, and more. 

  1. Documents 

This feature is helpful in creating a company wiki by importing important documents to the software. Team members will have quick and easy access to documents and refer to them while working. 

At the same time, you can define permissions for documents so that sensitive information remains protected. In case you want to share the documents, you can easily create shareable links and provide access to a single member or an entire team. 

  1. Chat 

It is tiring to switch from platform to platform to discuss details, share updates, or request feedback. You can shorten email loops with the chat feature that lets you get in touch with your team in real-time. You can also address specific members by mentioning them. 

Additionally, you can make conversations more dynamic and enriching by adding videos, spreadsheets, or web pages. Formatting options in messages further brings clarity to communication. 

ClickUp Demo 

There are several use cases videos available to help you understand the features and how to maintain best practices. However, you can also request to see ClickUp in action by signing up. 

ClickUp Pricing

There are five diverse plans provided by ClickUp pricing. There is the free option with a limited set of tools, the unlimited plan costs $5, the business option costs $12, and the business plus pricing plan is available for $19. You can contact the sales team to generate a custom enterprise cost. 

ProjectManager Best Practices

There are several features that make projectmanager com stand out. The following details entail a few of them:

  1. Dashboards

The ProjectManager equips users with robust dashboards that integrate insights in real-time and ensure that you are able to view the latest updates as they take place. You can, furthermore, use it to view data and monitor projects as well as expenses related to projects. With these data points, you can easily identify any possible loopholes that require attention. 

  1. Reports

Another way to optimize ProjectManager is through reports. In-depth data analysis strengthens your project execution. You can scale the efficiency of your campaigns as well. In fact, by clicking on the details, you can drill into further information and check all the aspects. 

  1. Project Portfolios

To be able to monitor projects carefully you need to maintain a portfolio. Therefore, ProjectManager gives you the ability to organize your projects by groups and categories. Similarly, you can manage your resources across a portfolio so that staff members with relevant skillsets can be approached easily.

  1. Visual Management Tools

You can also control the details of your projects through visual management tools like Kanban and Gantt. This means that you will have control over angles including task dependencies, updates, possible conflicts, and deadlines. In other words, you can manage essential details about projects and execute plans with confidence. 

  1. Collaboration

There are no hindrances when you are working with ProjectManager as it also ensures that you are able to create a single source of truth. The entire team can gain access to files and documents that provide context to work on the project. 

ProjectManager Demo

To see how ProjectManager can be utilized for best practices, you can watch the videos that provide detailed tutorials about each feature so you do not face any difficulties in setting up the system. The ProjectManager demo is available on the website. 

ProjectManager Pricing 

Users can set up their projects for free with the free option for starters, The Team option costs $11.50 per month whereas the Business plan pricing is $20.50. The ProjectManager pricing for the enterprise provides several features that sustain well-established firms. That being said, the cost for an enterprise plan is available upon request. 

Final Thoughts

The decision between ClickUp and ProjectManager is tough as each cultivates a powerful suite of features. The ClickUp software is a reliable platform for users who want to streamline their tasks. To sum up the ProjectManager com review, it should be kept in mind that not only does it provide task management tools but it is also able to help you organize resources and expenses. 

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