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Cristina Servin and Interesting Facts about Her

There are many popular celebrities; among them, Cristina Servin is a well-known woman. Her full name is Cristina Servin Ferguson, and she was born on August 15, 1991. Cristina’s age is 29 years, and their nickname is Cristina; where she is an American. She is also the wife of Tony Ferguson, and he is a popular MMA fighter. She participated in the Mexicana universal Jalisco, a page in Jalisco, Mexico. Servin’s husband has constructed his custom training apparatus at his house in Big Bear Lake, California, and can regularly post videos of his unique workouts on his Instagram page. Her favorite acts are Robert Downey Jr. and Jennifer Aniston.

Education and family life of Cristina Servin:

Cristina attended high school in California, and she graduated from California state university; Cristina possesses white ethnicity, and her religion is Christianity. Cristina Servin is also a beautiful model and a good gift for his husband. She also continued her schooling at Cal State Fullerton before transferring to California state university. However, you could not be able to see any piece of family information about the service.

How is the marriage life for Cristina Servin?

 Cristina matched one of the best lightweights in the UFC known as Tony Ferguson in June 2012. The partners committed in 2011, and after thier wedding bond, Cristina Servin and Tony welcomed a son named Armand Anthony on April 28, 2016. She also filed a restraining order against her husband, alleging uncharacteristic behavior like severe paranoia, not sleeping for days, and tearing apart thier home fireplace. By receiving the tracking chip was inserted into his leg during the keen reconstructive surgery.

The net worth of Tony Ferguson

As reported, Tony Ferguson, the most consecutive lightweight winner, has an estimated worth of $2 million. He is well-known for his aggressive fighting style and has made most of his income from his successful fighting career.

Cristina Servin signs and physical status, professional career:

The zodiac sign of Cristina Servin is Leo, and the person is born in this world to perceive, and the persons born under this sign are fiery, confident, and charming. Cristina Servin is a charmer with a charming face and looks as well smile on her face. Her loveliness is also of massive usefulness when it arrives in the media. Cristina does not work in an office or have a career. As a result; she likes to stay as a mom at home.

Do tony Ferguson and Cristina servin’ have kids in their life?

Tony Ferguson and Cristina servin’ are the parents of their two children, Armand Anthony and angel Anthony. The lovers got engaged in 2011, married, and now have two children. In their early life, they enjoyed themselves well, and these couples were enjoying their marriage on a different level and did not think of having a baby. On the years 2016 April 28, they became parents to their first child, and later, in May 2021, they became parents to their second girl baby.

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