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Different Types of Kitchen Knives

Many kitchen tasks require specific tools that make the task easy. Some of these tools are appliances, while some are manual tools. When you are cooking a dish, you have to cut many ingredients; for this, you need different knives. 

There are numerous types of knives available in the market, each used for different purposes like cutting vegetables, bread, slicers, peppers, etc. Many of these knives have Japanese and Chinese origin, for example, the Nakiri knife and the Santoku knife. These tools add more precision to the task, which is why they are popular among chefs and cooks.

Many kitchen experts and chefs recommend specific knives to get good results in dicing and chopping. The following points explain all these knives in detail so that you can add them to your kitchen and enhance your kitchen experience. 

Nakiri knife 

This knife originated in Japan and is extensively used for precision cutting in the kitchen. It is shaped like a cleaver with an edgy finish. Each knife is used for specific purposes and in different hand motions. While using a Nakiri knife, you will have to go up and down. According to experts, it is the best knife for cutting carrots, onions, eggplant, zucchini, celery, etc. Not only does it make cutting these vegetables easy, but it also makes your whole kitchen knife collection look perfect. 

Santoku knife

This Japanese knife can be used for multiple purposes, such as slicing, chopping, and cutting. These knives are usually 5 to 8 inches long with a flat edgy blade angled at 60 degrees at the point. This knife is standard among chefs and cooking experts because it is an all-purpose knife. Many chefs suggest that a cook can manage any cutting task if he has a Santoku knife

Chef’s knife

Other than the Nakiri and the Santoku knives, some other types of knives are commonly used worldwide. These are general all-purpose knives that can be used for any purpose. For example, the chef knife is a must-have in every kitchen because you can use it for dicing veggies, fruits, and anything. It is usually 8 to 10 inches long with a round tip, and you can find it in every kitchen. 

Carving knife

Some knives are best for chopping veggies and fruits, but some are best for chopping meat and carving. For such purposes, knives with longer and sharper blades are used so that they can cut through large and thick pieces. However, you can also use a Nakiri knife for this job because it is built like that. 

Bread knife

The knives built for cutting soft and crusty bread have long and serrated edges so that it doesn’t affect the integrity of the bread. For example, cutting a piece of bread with a vegetable knife can ruin the whole shape of that bread. Hence, a bread knife should be used to cut bread, cake, or other baked products. 

Utility knife

Utility knives are smaller in shape and size, but they are helpful for many purposes like cutting and mincing veggies, and they can also be used for chopping herbs. Hence, these small knives are a must-have for every kitchen. 

The points mentioned above list all the knives you must add to your knife collection. It will help you handle all kinds of kitchen tasks and make your dishes look beautiful. You can find such knives in any kitchen supply store online. 

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