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DroneDeploy Raises $50M for Showing an Impressive Uptick in Enterprise Customers

DroneDeploy, the San Francisco-based startup, has almost doubled its enterprise client in the recent past. The company sells software that can manage the fleet of flying drones. Due to this impressive growth, the company has secured $50M in fundraising as per 142msawersventurebeat. The reason behind the grand funding is the fact that larger enterprises are buying more drones than ever. The new raise was led by investors Energize Ventures and AirTree.

According to Mike Winn, the CEO of DroneDeploy, their enterprise clients have increased 259% year-over-year. Since he laid the foundation of the company in the year 2013, he has raised a total of $142 million and the company has grown to 140 employees.          

DroneDeply sells subscriptions to the software platforms that let the user manage the drones and analyze the data collected. However, the company doesn’t sell drones. These software platforms create datasets, 3D models, and maps to provide a literal bird’s eye view making the analysis of business activity easy and more effective. The users can now fly their drones above the assets like a construction site or field and collect data on an operational or logistical level. The collected data can be analyzed with greater efficacy. The annual pricing of the subscription varies from $100 for individuals to a few thousand per drone operator for enterprise clients.       

The company plan on continuing its innovation to meet the demand and requirement of the changing technology. DroneDeploy recently announced the introduction of two new features namely, 360 Walkthrough and Vertical Flight. The latest upgrade can enable visual data captured from cameras on the ground as well as from the drones flying vertically beside the respective asset.

With the cutting-edge technology and by achieving both ISO-27001 certification and SOC 2 Type 1 attestation, the company continues to lead the industry in enterprise security. DroneDeploy has thousands of customers ranging from small businesses to large Fortune 500 companies. Furthermore, DroneDeploy intends to use the $50 million raise to hire and expand the company’s presence in Europe. As of now, it is especially active in California and Texas.          

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