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Here are Ten Mistakes You May Be Making While Using CBD

The billion-dollar CBD industry in the U.S. is taking over the health and wellness industry. With a large number of people already using CBD, it’s no surprise that many others want to hop on the bandwagon too.

If you are one of those who haven’t yet tried CBD, you are not alone. There are many out there like you who are keen to use CBD products for the first time. However, some mistakes may alter your CBD experience or put you off it completely.

So before you go online and search for CBD hemp flowers near me or buy the first CBD edible you see, here’s a blog you should read. We’ll tell you the ten most common mistakes people make while using CBD that result in a bad experience.

Take a look and start learning!

Buying Cheap CBD

Presumably, the worst mistake while buying or using CBD is buying or searching for a cheap product. Good quality CBD pricing is always a little on the higher end, and you can’t expect a good quality product at an unexpectedly low price. If it’s too cheap, it may not be organic CBD at all. And that’s a line you surely don’t want to cross while trying CBD for the first time.

Buying from Random Sellers

While we all like the comfort of being able to buy CBD products online, you can’t just go around buying products from random, unverified, and shady sellers. When buying CBD online, make sure to thoroughly vet the seller’s website, look for previous customers’ reviews, and verify the products.

Many people buying CBD oil or edibles for the first time don’t know about the source of the product. . This is a mistake that can result in you purchasing low quality or illegal CBD products. Always buy CBD from a trusted seller who’s offering organic, American-grown, and hemp-based CBD.

Not Thinking of Side Effects

Okay, sure, CBD is great and doesn’t cause a high like THC but that doesn’t mean there are no side effects. Although minimal, it’s still wise to learn about them. Being unprepared for possible side effects while using CBD may result in a bad experience.

Not Having Clear Goals

You must know before using CBD about the purpose you’re using it for. This means that whether you’re using CBD for anxiety, pain management, acne relief, or any other purpose, you should have a clear goal. Knowing why you use CBD products will help you find the right product and dose.

Not Exploring Different Methods

There are different methods of taking CBD, and each is different from the other. When you know why you are using CBD, you will also know the right product for the purpose. Here are some CBD products available in the market.


CBD edibles include CBD gummies, pills, capsules, snacks, and confectionery goods. Most people use CBD gummies for anxiety and pills for sleep improvement.


Then there are CBD vapes and cartridges that have the fastest effect time and systemic relief properties. People use CBD vapes for pain, anxiety, sleep, and relaxation.


CBD topicals are another one of the most popular CBD products. CBD topicals are used for skin care, pain management, and healing purposes.


The sublingual method, also known as CBD tinctures, has a rapid effect time and longer bioavailability. Some people prefer tinctures due to the earthy flavor of CBD.


And lastly, CBD oils are widely popular in the U.S., with sales crossing millions of dollars each year. CBD oils are used as it is or mixed in different recipes.

Not Consulting Your Doctor

Another mistake people make when using CBD for the first time is not consulting their doctor. If you have any underlying health condition such as diabetes, hypertension, or cardiac diseases that you are using CBD, you must consult an expert. And if you are already on medications, you must talk to a doctor to learn about CBD’s impact on your current medication.

Thinking All CBD is the Same

Okay, so we have all done this mistake! We have all assumed that all the CBD products on the market are the same, and it doesn’t matter which one we use. The truth is different, as there are three types of CBD products.


Full-spectrum CBD products contain CBD as well as THC and other cannabinoids. These products are most potent in nature and have multiple health benefits.


Broad-spectrum CBD products contain CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and limonene. However, broad-spectrum does not contain THC oil or traces.


And then, we have isolated CBD products that only contain CBD extract. However, you must know about the different extraction processes and always buy an isolate with a five percent extract of CBD.

Not Trying Full-Spectrum CBD

Some people make another mistake: shying away from full-spectrum CBD products. This is because people think that full-spectrum products contain THC and will cause a high. In actuality, full-spectrum products are actually more beneficial than other CBD types.

Not Dosing Properly

Some people either start with too much high dose or continue to use a too small dose. Both these practices are wrong, and one must accurately dose CBD products. The best tip is to start with a small dose and gradually increase your CBD intake.

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The author is a CBD user, writer, and musician. The author has tried numerous CBD products over the course of the last decade and is now part of a group that advocates for legal marijuana in the states.

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