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How a Broker Can Help You Get Lower Car Shipping Quotes

When you find yourself in a situation where you need a car shipping service, the first thing you think of is to google several transportation companies and conduct independent research to find the best carrier. Certainly, that can be a good option since you should entrust your vehicle to a reputable and reliable company. But the whole process can be time-consuming and stressful, especially when you have other things on your mind.

Here’s how to find a shipping carrier on your own:


If you have no time and nerves to look for a carrier, you can leave this whole “logistics” process to car brokers. They are something like a mediator between you and the shipping company and work in your favor to find you the most favorable  deal for the period when you need it. These service providers can really take a significant burden off your back since working with them brings many benefits.

Broad Network

Just like shipping companies, brokers operate within the car transportation industry. But, while the former performs a direct hauling service with trucks and trailers, the latter works in logistics. That is, brokers’ job is to connect those who need shipping services with companies that provide these services.

Reputable brokers have been on the market for many years and have a developed network of carriers with whom they cooperate. Still, they also do business with “external” partners. That means that they’re familiar with the market rates, the availability of hauling companies in certain periods, as well as the special deals that these carriers offer. 

Brokers generally work with reputable shipping companies that have been on the market for many years. These carriers are legitimate and certified, and employ experienced drivers to provide the best possible service. Also, brokers aren’t tied to a specific location, so they can help you find a carrier anywhere you need within the country.

Saving Time

If you were to search for shipping companies and compare their quotes and quality of service, it would take a lot of time. You have to check the business legitimacy, track records, contact customer support representatives for possible ambiguities, etc. And when looking for instant car shipping quotes, you can miss out on some really good deals.

Brokers can handle all that for you. That’s the right thing when time and other obligations prevent you from doing this work yourself. Also, they can solve numerous problems and doubts you may have about the transportation service. Plus, you can use the saved time to do other things and to wait for departure day stress-free.

You Can Get Lower Rates

Brokers already have contact with a large number of companies they cooperate with. They can quickly find the best offers and even let you know if something even more favorable appears in the meantime. That way, the price you paid for their service will be worth it because some shipping quotes can be very cheap.

These service providers have been tracking down carriers going to or from your location and, that way, quickly connect you with suitable carriers. For example, they can catch ”last-minute” offers for you. These usually pop up when someone cancels car transportation at the last minute. Carriers want to fill the empty trailer as soon as possible, so they usually lower their shipping rates. In fact, quite often, these companies also contact brokers who can connect them with interested clients.

If you work with a broker, it is important to mention what kind of service you need and in what period. They will do their best to connect you with the most convenient carrier to haul your car in the trailer and deliver it to the desired address or delivery terminal when you need it. And if you’re flexible with time, even better. Then you can count on even lower rates.

High Level of Customer Service

Car shipping brokers cooperate exclusively with reputable and licensed carriers. They don’t want to jeopardize their business by offering their clients the services of shoddy companies and those with a bad reputation. It means you are somehow secured.

Licensed shipping companies must provide a high level of service and necessary insurance for all vehicles they transport. That way, you’re covered in case something happens to your four-wheeler during transport, although the risk is minimal. However, better safe than sorry, so brokers can help you find the right insurance for your needs. On this page, you can get more tips on lowering car transportation rates.

When looking for a shipping company to haul your vehicle across the state, it is important to choose a good service provider. Brokers can help you a lot with that, thus saving you time, money, and nerves at the same time. It really pays off to pay extra dollars for their service and have peace of mind.

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