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How Do You Design a Professional Business Card

People’s business is changing, and technology has played a more significant role. Every business is going paperless, and no storage room for files and documents is necessary for any office. Considering the environment and the ease of navigating and retrieving information with a few clicks, paper’s use will go down a lot sooner. But one thing that people cannot forgo is the business cards. These cards are an excellent way to make you and your company noticeable to the world, and even though the way people interact has changed, a business card always holds value. No matter what profession you are in, a business card is necessary whenever you meet someone.

You cannot use just any business card; you need one with custom textured labels and better quality than standard papers. It has to be tough, thicker than book paper but slimmer than cardboard, and have an excellent finishing touch with a standard or formal colour/design.

Your business indeed increases if you use your business card correctly, and it is also proven that a business card with proper design and colour will increase the sales by 2.5% (the number of sales rose by 2.5% for every 2000 cards passed out).

The following are the tips for designing an effective business card:

Simple and clear

Sometimes, people go overboard with ideas while designing a business card. The thing is the same for weddings and other cards—just because you have great ideas doesn’t mean you should incorporate them all in a single card. A card filled with colours, lines, designs, and marking will make it look cluttered and unattractive. Unless you are an artist or someone who does extraordinary things for entertainment, you should keep your wild ideas away from your business card.

Bold design and clear font

When you plan to keep everything simple, the design needs to stand out, and so does the written information. Use bold design and clear font in your card so that people can read it effortlessly. If the alphabets are in cursive or thin and small font, it becomes difficult to read, especially for older adults. Using a bold and straightforward design will attract the eyes, and proper font will help people read easily.

More prominent the logo, the better

Sometimes bigger is better—logos make the brand statement, and it is what people remember about the brand when they hear the name. The logo could be the brand’s name or a symbol/letter; whatever it is, it must be in a bigger font/size.

When the logo is clear from a distance, the interested ones will be able to recognise it from the card stand and pick it up to check it further. Even when the card is mixed with other papers/cards, you can quickly notice it if it has a more prominent logo—the logo attracts people before the names. You must use custom textured labels and attractive colours for a better logo and appearance, but don’t make it so colourful that it looks like a kid’s game card.

Include the essentials

The business card is to pass on information about you, your profession, and your company. The more data it has, the better it will be. Though more is merrier, the card shouldn’t be overflowing with unnecessary information, and you can only write so much in a small business card. Use custom textured labels to make it look attractive and proper font size to write enough information such as name, title, address, phone number, email, etc.

These are the points that will help you make a great business card. Ensure that the card has all the essential details and is legible.

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