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How Does a Cooling Tower System Work?

A cooling tower system removes heat from a building’s air conditioning system using the water recirculating process. This system also needs proper maintenance to get the best and most reliable operation. It is important to know how cooling tower systems work because this will help you operate or maintain your system perfectly. Remember that such systems need a specialized approach for maintenance. 

How does it work?

The most common answer to how these systems work is that it removes heat from a building using water and leave the heat in the atmosphere through the evaporation process. The three primary components are the cooling tower, recirculating pump, and heat exchanger. First, water travels through the heat exchanger where it absorbs heat. Then, water goes to the top of the cooling tower where air passes the warm water and takes the heat, and causes evaporation. It is where heat transforms from the water stream to the air stream. The air gets warm, and the warm air is released into the atmosphere, keeping the cool water system. When the water becomes cool, it pumps back to the heat exchanger to repeat the cycle. 

A cooling tower system uses an effective heat rejection device that lowers the water temperature more effectively than air cooled or dry rejection device can do. Besides, these systems also reduce energy consumption more than air-cooled HVAC systems reduce. With a proper system, you can maintain the best cooling program for industrial cooling and cold storage with ease. 

The maintenance:

These systems need perfect maintenance to get the best performance reducing downtime. There are many things that you need to take care of, including water conservation, corrosion, scale, deposits, and more. Evaporated water leaves behind impurities that can cause scale, deposits, and corrosion. All these problems may lead to water equipment failure and reduce the efficiency of the whole system. You need professional maintenance support to maintain your system. Since it includes tough technical jobs, hire the best and most experienced name for maintaining your cooling tower systems. Maintaining the system will also prevent airborne diseases.

The maintenance starts with a visual inspection to decide whether moving parts need cleaning or not. Here are the five tips to follow for proper cooling tower maintenance, and these are:

Remove scale deposit:

A cooling tower evaporates water. So, the chances of a deposit are higher. This is generally caused by the minerals of water, which are of different types. Limescale can decrease the efficiency of your system, and it needs proper maintenance. Do not leave your system unchecked as it causes a more dangerous situation for your system. Remember that keeping your system clean and maintained will also keep your living environment healthy. 

Keep airflow running:

A poor fan performance can also cause a system breakdown. Loose parts and an improper alignment cause improper airflow, and it does not cool the air correctly. Professionals have tools to check the blockage and remove the contaminant to restore the function of the fan. 

Maintain the tubes:

Chiller tubes can be blocked or contaminated by mud, algae, and scale. To keep the debris away from your system, you need to clean the tubes. Consult with the best cooling and heating system service provider and get the best solution. 

Check water pump:

You must pay attention to the efficient pumping process for your system. The pump helps in moving the system back and forth. With the maintenance process, you will get a more optimized system. You must connect with the best service provider when it is to maintaining a cooling tower. Only the best people know how to perform these procedures effectively.

Treat Water:

The quality of water also plays a very important role to maintain the efficiency of your system. Compromised water quality can generate problems like scale build-up. Water treatment is an investment for your system. With this service, you can ensure higher performance for your system. 

Here are the five crucial steps that you need to follow for maintaining cooling tower systems.

  • Your system needs inspection once a month. This way, you can remove any build-up from your system and ensure high performance. When you check your system regularly, you will get better ideas about the cleaning of your system. 
  • You must also clean the tower basin surfaces. If you find any sediment, you can easily remove contaminants without shutting down your system.
  • Check the tower fill and descale the fill. The place has a perfect environment for bacteria growth, particularly legionella. With the help of a descaler will dissolve scale and minerals for cleaning. 
  • After descaling, you need to clean the cooling tower fill. An expert uses a specialized cleaner to remove dirt and debris.
  • Never forget to disinfect the tower. 

So, these are the five important steps that you must keep in mind while using cooling tower systems. If you need to take care of your system, you can call or contact CES – Complete Engineered Solutions. A team of experts will inspect your system and give you the best solution to restore the functions. 

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