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How to make a photo and video collage

Photo video collages are the rage, thanks to an increasing number of all digital creators. There are several reasons to create a photo collage with video:

  • If you are an influencer willing to create a photo collage video for your Instagram profile
  • If you are a marketer/business owner who wants to roll out a product launch/update using collage with video
  • If you want to create a photo video collage to share with your friends and family for special occasions
  • If you want to share highlights of an event using different video footage

Why choose InVideo to make a photo collage with video?

It is only possible to create a professional-looking video using a versatile online video editor. InVideo is a great video editing platform that allows you to create a photo collage and a video collage. 

You can add music, edit images and video clips, animate videos, add subtitles, and get a refined video in as quick as 3 minutes, besides other features such as the Intelligent Video Assistant, which scans your project for errors. The result is a flawless photo video collage.

Steps to create a photo and video collage

Here’s your guide to using InVideo for making a photo video collage. We urge you to go through each step carefully to create a thumb-stopping, engaging collage with video.

  1. Select the aspect ratio

InVideo gives you three options to select the ratio of your video. Don’t confuse it with layouts. Based on the purpose of your photo video collage, select from 16:9 (wide), 1:1 (square), and 9:16 (vertical).

  1. Choose the template

This is one of the features on InVideo that saves time when creating a collage with video. While there are thousands of templates from hundreds of categories, we suggest you select a slideshow or video collage.

When you click on a video collage option, it displays a range of templates – travel, real estate, anniversary, baby pictures, photography, product slideshow, portfolio, and more. Choose the one that fits right in your collage theme. You can either edit the existing media or upload your own.

  1. Upload media files in editor

Once you open the video editor, start by uploading your images, video footage, audio and other media. To ensure there are no performance issues, InVideo allows you to upload a file of a maximum of 800MB. Nevertheless, it supports multiple media formats for images, video, and audio. All your uploads appear on the left side of the panel.

  1. Arrange media files for collage

Now, start arranging them on the canvas, whether you are creating a photo collage, a collage with video, or a multimedia collage using GIFs and more. It’s your choice to leave the background blank or add an image or video clip.

If you wish to create an attractive background, simply drag and drop it from the uploads panel. Each file you select shows as a pop up on the right. Drag it to the canvas for resizing, cropping, or trimming.

Next, add your media files one by one on the canvas. InVideo asks you to add the file as a layer or replace your existing background. Select add as a layer.

Once you have all the media on board, you can rotate and move them until they fit the masterpiece you wish to create.

  1. Add text, transitions, stickers & much more

If you have selected a template, it lets you edit the existing text, graphics, size, and more. Add stickers or transitions from the left panel to make it more appealing. But it shouldn’t appear distracting. Keep it as engaging and tidy as possible. Keep the colour and size consistent to ensure your photo collage video looks professional. If you are unsure about your graphic skills, just stick to the template.

  1. Choose audio or music of your choice

InVideo allows you to upload audio and music for these formats: MP3, WAV, OGG, and M4A. Or you can choose from an extensive library of copyright-free music/audio/sounds from InVideo. 

Apart from that, it is up to you to keep the audio of videos or change them using the volume option.

  1. Edit images and video

Since you are creating a photo collage with video, ensure uniformity among them by editing them.

Image editing

Edit your photos using the same filters across all pictures or make them pop by highlighting different colours in each image. 

Besides, there are options to resize, crop, filter, copy, add a blur effect and more. Just click on the image and go to the edit menu, select filters from Mayfair, Valencia, Eden, etc. 

In addition to this, you can add animation to your image when it’s in place. For example, zoom in and zoom out with music.

Video editing

To edit videos, your options are endless. Since you are creating a photo video collage, you may wish to animate the videos. For this, click on it and go to the edit menu on the right. Click on the Video animations tab, select in and out animation, and set the duration using the slider below.

Similarly, for other video editing options, experiment with these tabs. Video edit lets you trim and crop the video, use blur in effect, filters, and change volume. In the Volume tab, you can set the intensity for background music and audio of the video. Playback Speed allows you to change the speed, while the Fade option helps set the fade-in, fade-out effect for the video.

  1. Set the duration of the video

Use the timeline feature to set the duration of your video. Just drag the slider to adjust the length of the video. The length depends on where you wish to upload it.

There’s an advanced timeline button on the top right of the panel. It gives you a detailed view of all the media, layers, and more. Here, you can move and realign the elements to see that everything is in place. Just select the layer and drag the edges to set the duration.

When editing your photo collage with video using InVideo, Intelligent Video Assistant (IVA) is the feature you can’t miss. It scans and checks your video for any mistakes. IVA suggests the best text alignment, apt animation style and speeds, colours, element positioning, motion effects, and image augmentation. Using IVA, you create a stunning, error-free photo collage with video.

  1. Preview your creation, export and share

Once you are satisfied with everything, click on the download & share option in the top left corner. A window opens here, and while the video downloads, it generates a preview for you. It also gives you multiple options to export the photo video collage in different formats and quality. It allows you to directly share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So, be proud of your creation and share it.


In the end, Invideo is the best too when it comes to the video making without any hustle. Anyone from nood to professional can use InVideo to create professional videos with very minimum skills. The premade templates are very easy to use and they can help you to build a video collage from photos or any other video.

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