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How to prepare for Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Exam

The Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Exam is one of the important certification milestones toward becoming a Salesforce-certified Application Architect in the future. The certification is beneficial to Salesforce professionals who are already designing and sharing visibility solutions on the Salesforce platform.

The certification is a kind of authentication for your skills. It will help you get higher pay and upgrade your career in the Salesforce ecosystem. If your goal is to become a certified Application Architect in the future, then taking this certification exam is a good starting point.

This certification is one of four certifications, after which you can take the certified Application Architect exam and later a certified Technical Architect exam. The other three are Platform App Builder, Platform Developer 1, and Data Architecture Management Designer.

The primary purpose behind any Salesforce certification is that Salesforce expects to maintain some common ground for the quality among the personnel rendering Salesforce services to their clients. So, Salesforce would undoubtedly raise their standards with increasing competition for the Salesforce jobs as they have to maintain a high-quality Salesforce community.

It means you must be well-prepared before taking such well-respected and high-paying certification exams like the Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect exams. So, it would be best if you had proper planning and timely execution of the plan to clear this exam. This is why we have come up with this post: to help you with the planning stage.

In this post, we will focus on the preparation of Salesforce Visibility and Sharing Architect Certification. First, we will discuss who can take this exam, as it is essential to check your suitability to attempt it. Then we will discuss topics covered in the exam. We will provide a topic breakout, which will make it easy for you to plan and prepare for the certification exam. Later on, we will put our suggestions on how you should prepare for the exam. So, let’s start with,

Who Can Take the Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Exam?

As we discussed earlier, this certification takes you one step closer to becoming a certified Application Architect. So, you should certainly take this exam if your goal is to become an accredited Application Architect and the top certified Technical Architect in the future.

This certification is for you if you wish to gain knowledge of how different kinds of permissions and access systems work in Salesforce.

If you are an architect, designer, or administrator, you should take this certification exam, and topics like building scalable and secured security models on the Salesforce platform interest you. And your goal is to become an Architect or look for a career transition in the Salesforce career and a better salary.

So, certainly, this exam is not meant for you if you are fresher. This exam is for existing Salesforce professionals looking to transition and upgrade their careers to the next level.

As you are clear whether this exam is for you or not, let’s proceed further to the topics covered in the exam. Discussing this from the point of view of exam preparation is imperative, as you can prioritize the topics accordingly.

Overview of the Exam and Topics Covered

Exam structure:

  • There will be 60 multiple-choice questions in the exam, and you will be allowed 120 minutes to solve them.
  • You will have to invest 400 USD as an exam fee and 200 USD for every retake if you fail to clear it on the first attempt.
  • The passing percentage to clear this certification is 68%, which means you will be required to crack 40 correct answers out of 60.

Now we will briefly discuss topics covered in the exam and their weightage.

  1. Declarative Sharing: Weightage 76%

This section covers the highest 76% weightage in the exam. As per weightage, this section is almost ¾ of the total syllabus.

You can expect around 45 questions out of a total of 60 from declarative sharing. This is why it is the most important in terms of exam preparation.

This section covers topics like territory management, OWD, community visibility, profile permissions, sharing rules, and visibility settings.

  1. Programmatic Sharing: Weightage 17%

This is the second most crucial section, with 17% weightage in the exam. You can expect approximately 9 questions out of 60.

So, the combined strength of Declarative sharing and Programmatic Sharing is 93%. You can note that 2 sections cover almost everything for the preparation.

Knowledge of both Declarative Sharing and Programmatic Sharing is significant for the exam as well as for practical applications. It is highly recommended that you go through every topic without skipping any parts to score a good percentage on the exam.

In Programmatic Sharing, you are expected to have a deep knowledge of apex, visualforce, and lightning components in terms of their security models.

You can expect real-life scenario-based questions in both Declarative Sharing and Programmatic Sharing.

  1. Performance and Scalability: Weightage 7%

The performance and scalability section might have a low weightage in the exam, but it is very important in real life, where you will be expected to scale up security models for bigger organizations.

You can not design and upscale security models for large organizations until you have a thorough knowledge and practical skills in Declarative Sharing and Programmatic Sharing.

So, even during preparation, you should prepare for the first two sections and then move to the third one, which will check your in-depth knowledge in terms of applicability.

So, that’s all about the topics covered in the exams. You are now aware of all the topics and their weightage and importance in the exam as well as in professional life.

Now we will discuss how you should prepare for the exam. We will share some tips and suggestions that will be helpful to you.

How to Prepare for the Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Exam?

So here are some suggestions from us.

  1. Have a practical approach and use real-life cases while preparing the concepts

The topics covered suggest that you are expected to have thorough practical knowledge of designing, implementing, and scaling security models.

After certification, you will be working with any large organization where you will be advising the company management about scaling up their complex security models and related costs. It will require not only your technical knowledge but also your business acumen.

So, start your preparation keeping in mind those things. You can take real-life problems and scenarios and solve those problems with the help of concepts you learn during the preparation.

It will not only help you build your concepts stronger for the exam but also help you after your certification.

Make notes when you read the theoretical concepts. It will help you to revise the topics fast, and it will become an excellent helping hand before the exam day.

  1. Join an online learning platform for the preparation

Joining the online Salesforce Training platform is the best idea over any physical learning classes as you have flexible timing and prepare for the exam at your own pace and without any peer pressure.

The advantage of an online learning platform is that you can watch the recorded classes and sessions whenever you want. So you can watch the recording at your speed and apply those concepts in real-life scenarios.

One more benefit of joining an online learning platform is that you get expert advice from people who are already certified and experienced in the domain. So you can learn from experts across the globe without any geographical constraints.

This is why it is recommended to join an online learning platform for important certification like Salesforce Sharing and Visibility exams which has a good potential to boost your career. You can even install a Salesforce Learning App and make your learning process smooth and convenient. 

  1. Join Trailhead for all the latest notifications and learning

Trailhead is the official source of information from Salesforce. If you are preparing for this certification, possibly you might already be part of the trailhead community. You can join the forums and find materials related to the Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Exam.

If you are not part of the Salesforce Trailhead community, then it is highly recommended to do that as soon as possible to get the official updates from Salesforce. Also, only use reading materials that have been approved by the Trailhead.

  1. Join online communities for preparation 

Joining online communities for exam preparation will help you a lot as you can meet like-minded people and prepare with them. It will help you build confidence for the exam.

It will also help you in practical applications of theoretical concepts by using real-life scenarios. You can take the help of peers or industry experts in such communities and get your doubts resolved.

Summing Up

So, that’s all about how to prepare for the Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect exams. If you are really passionate about furthering your career to the next level in the Salesforce ecosystem, now is the right time to prepare for it, as the demand for certified Salesforce professionals is on the rise. Good Luck!

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