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How to Simplify Your Job Hunt for a Sales Position in New York

Are you having trouble finding the perfect job opportunity to kickstart your sales career? The challenges jobseekers face when looking for a job in a completive city like New York can be highly discouraging. So, be strategic about your search to find a role at a reputable company that can offer exclusive benefits and a great learning experience.

To land your dream role, you may have to ditch the basic job-searching methods and embrace a more specialized approach. Here are a few things you can do to simplify the process and find a job that gives you a head start in sales.

Spend More Time on Your Application

When you’re looking for a sales job, it’s important for your resume and cover letter to highlight relevant skills and experiences. If you use a generic resume that doesn’t portray your skills, your application is unlikely to stand out amongst others.

Your application needs to display the skills and experiences that make you suitable for the role. Use your past experiences to highlight your transferrable skills, even if they’re not in a sales position. This may require you to tweak your resume for each job application, which may be time-consuming, but can bring you closer to your dream job. Instead of sending a general application to every position you find, spend more time crafting the perfect resume and cover letter for specialized roles that can positively contribute to your career and bring you closer to your goals.

Leverage Social Media to Showcase Skills

Sharing your success stories and relevant social media experiences can testify to your qualifications when applying for a new job. The hiring team will likely search for you on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, to better understand your experience based on what you share. According to a survey, 90 percent of employers factor an applicant’s social media activity into their hiring decisions.

Social media is a great platform to display activities you cannot share on your resume. Use your social media as an opportunity to illustrate your skills and experience, as this can help your application stand out. If you visited a sales networking event, share a glimpse of that event on your platform. Or share any freelance projects you have completed.

Consult a Sales Recruitment Agency

The main goal of a recruitment agency is to match employers with qualified employees. A New York recruitment agency is likely to be aware of the competition applicants face during a job hunt, so they can prepare you for the role by helping you with the interview process. Recruitment agencies also have access to an extensive database of clients, allowing them to find you a suitable role with a company that’s hiring.

Consulting a fast-growing recruitment firm that works with B2B sales professionals simplifies your job hunt as they may have access to roles that aren’t advertised on job boards. This reduces the competition with other applicants as fewer people are aware of the job opening. 

Finding the perfect sales position in a competitive economy can feel challenging, but the right strategies can help you find an excellent job. Even if you can’t land your dream role on your first try, the experience you gain from your first sales role will be a gateway to bigger and better opportunities! 

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