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How to Use Your Irrigation System to Conserve Water

When you want a lush green lawn every year, you must be careful about the irrigation system. The smart irrigation system is beneficial if you conserve water properly and maximize the efficiency of every drop of water. The Landscapers Near me Portsmouth RI help efficiently apply the water usage so that water remains conserved for the irrigation system. 

Let us discuss some effective ways of conserving water to keep your grass green.

Sensor-based Controllers

Sensor-based controllers help understand how much moisture is in the soil and how much water is required. The small sensors are placed on the root zones to sense when and how much water is required by the soil. 

They are used as parts of your irrigation system or as a stand-alone system. The landscape-based controllers can sense.

  • The soil type of your yard
  • The plants and grasses present nearby
  • The amount of sun exposure in the yard
  • The slope degree of the yard

If you have installed the sensors, you are relieved that your lawn is being optimally watered. If all the conditions are known well by the sensors, then it is easy to determine how much moisture is required for the soil.

Seasonal Adjustment

If the settings of the irrigation system are set seasonally, it will be much more beneficial. You are not using the water more than what is required. The weather sensors will automatically understand whether it is cloudy, sunny, foggy, or cold. 

When the weather is too warm, it can bring seasonal rains, so water usage is controlled. When the seasonal sensors work properly, the wastage of water is controlled, and the irrigation system is used optimally. The Landscapers Near me Bristol RI uses a customized irrigation system with seasonal sensors.

Customize Sprinkler Speeds 

Your lawn will not require much water during the spring or fall as it requires during the hot and dry summer season. If the speeds of the sprinkler systems are adjusted accordingly, huge amounts of water can be conserved. 

When you slow down the sprinklers, the water flow is low, and if you raise the speed, the water flow will increase. Thus according to the moisture requirements, the sprinkler speed needs to be set.

Apply Pressure Regulators

The traditional sprinklers have only one speed that cannot be customized. But in modern irrigation sprinklers, the water flow can be controlled. The flexibility of water flow is customized and, therefore, can control the pressure of the water flow. 

When the water is not required much, the pressure of the sprinklers can be decreased. This will help conserve the water and keep your grasses green.

Control Costs and Conserve Water 

When you have switched to a smart sprinkler system for irrigation, you contribute to the Earth’s welfare. As you have modernized your irrigation system, you are using the amount of water just as required and the water wastage is controlled.

Importance of the Automatic Sprinklers in Your Irrigation

The automatic sprinklers include two basic components- an irrigation shut-off device and the controllers. The controllers are devices that control the water flow, frequency, and duration up to which the sprinkler system will run.


The landscapers near me in Portsmouth RI are helpful with the automatic sprinkler system. The weather, landscape, pressure control, and other features of the modern sprinkler can save a huge amount of money by saving water.

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