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Impact of Pokemon Anime and How growing up it is hard for a child of WWE diva

Beginning with the February 27th, 1996 release of the original Pokémon Red and Green in Japan, the rapid-fire montage breathlessly listed the myriad forms of entertainment, merchandise, event, and experience that Pikachu and his pals have dipped their toes/paws/claws into over the past 25 years. It’s difficult to quantify Pokémon’s success. Estimates for lifetime revenues generated by games, movies, merchandise, and other media range from $90 billion to $100 billion, which has become more difficult to calculate since The Pokémon Company stopped reporting the franchise’s total value on its website a few years ago. Only four other franchises appear to have passed $50 billion in terms of value: Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, Winnie-The-Pooh and merchandise machine Hello Kitty. None of these have their origins in video games, making Pokémon the biggest games-centric franchise in the world. James Pokemon is famous in this case.

Pokemon anime has been an integral part of anyone’s childhood who was born in late 90’s. We have watched Ash in the series having Pikachu and fighting with other demon Pokemons. We have witnessed Pokemon from the beginning and it still attracts a lot of crowd of children and teenagers. Pokémon has managed to become a cross-entertainment brand, build cross-generational cultural impact and monetize fandom, in addition to just games consumption. While the efforts of other games franchises often revolve around monetizing the consumption of titles, Pokémon has been busy building up and monetizing fandom of its story, characters and mechanics.

James pokemon

Celebrity children are always a center of attraction wherever they go. While they have all the luxuries of the world because of fame and money earned by their parents, they also have to face challenges growing up. WWE wrestlers have huge fan following all over the world. WWE Divas have also now gone on to attract a lot of audiences. All the famous WWE divas such as Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Nia Jax, Becky Lynch etc. are very famous and they have children also. Their children are in the spotlight from the day they are born. They are the talk of media and always are covered up with paparazzies. The children of WWE divas have to sacrifice their childhood and they cannot enjoy the moments.

The Children of WWE divas also have to face criticism from their friends whenever their mothers lose matches in WWE. They also have to deal with the problem of living without their mothers whenever their mothers go to play matches in other cities other than their home cities. They have to deal with heavy criticism if they do not follow the footsteps of their parents. Most celeb kids do not have the choice of choosing something and have to be at the helm of affairs every time. WWE diva kids also have to act as grown up kids even in their childhood because of the situations they have to be in sometimes. They need to grow up very quickly. IT can be said that being a celeb kid can be good as well as struggling also. Matteo Artemovich Chigvintsev is a huge example.

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