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Jayda Wayda: Her Bio, Early Life, Career, Family, & Net Worth

Entrepreneur Jayda Wayda is also a well-known user of social media as well as a published author. She might also be referred to as Jayda Chaves. Her professional job requirements compelled her to move to Atlanta, Georgia. On September 25, 1997, Jayda was welcomed into the world in Savannah, Georgia.

Other names, including Jayda Ayanna, Amour Jayda, and Jayda Cheaves, refer to her. A model with a sizable Instagram following is Jada Wayda. She is also a businesswoman, and her website sells clothing, wraps, hair clips, and hair products. Jayda’s ethnicity might characterized as being of African as well as African American descent.

Jayda Wayda Early Life

America’s Georgia In 1997, Jayda Wayda was born into an African household. She will turn 23 on her birthday on September 25, 2020. Her background is upper middle class. Her father is a successful businessman. The University of Georgia is where Jada Wayda received her undergraduate degree. She also received outstanding grades in school, which can attributed to her intelligence.

Jayda Physical Stats

Jayda is 5 feet, 1 inch (1.5 meters) tall, and weighs about 55 kg (120 lbs). She has a toned, curvy physique. Jayda has dark brown eyes and hair.

Jayda’s Family

American citizen Jayda was born in Savannah, Georgia; her mother is Tricia Chaves. Len known as her brother and Ameerah is known as her sister. Her sister is an authority in beauty, whereas her brother is just a social media sensation.

Jayda Wayda Career

Jayda Wayda has kept a proactive presence on Social media since the start of her professional career and has acquired over one million followers. As a direct result of her successes, Jayda could pursue her goals and hone her interests in style, cosmetics, and hair care.

She soon started a clothing, hair care, and beauty business under another name. The most lucrative areas of her company were the cosmetic and hair care lines. For a new group of young women who wish to follow their hobbies and start lucrative businesses, Jada Wayda has continued to set an example.

Relationship Of Jayda

A well-known rapper named Lil Baby is publicly dating Jayda. They are both influential Instagram users with upwards of a million followers. Long-term lovers, they gave birth to a boy in February 2019 after many years of dating. Lil also has a son from a prior relationship. However, they still need to disclose the name of their child.

Jayda’s Social Media Popularity

Being active on numerous social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat has made Jayda well-known. She is also famous for the well-liked YouTube channel that she runs. Jayda started her own YouTube channel in 2018, and she currently has over subscribers. Her YouTube account has more than 342 thousand subscribers, and 9.8 million people have seen her videos.

She uploads videos to her YouTube channel exclusively about her spouse and kids. She has 515 thousand followers in total throughout all on Twitter. Over 6 million people follow Jayda on Instagram. Her bio describes her as a successful businesswoman.

Jayda Wayda Net Worth

Her estimated net worth for the year 2021 will indeed be close to around $4 million. A legitimate source still needs to verify this. She decided to try entrepreneurship by selling clothing on the Poshmark website and mobile app, and she soon came to dominate Amour Jayda LLC as the business grew. She also operates a website that she created herself.


Jayda Wayda, who is she?

The American YouTuber, entrepreneur, and well-known face on social media, Jayda Wayda, lives in the country. Jayda, a teenage entrepreneur, has grown significantly due to her online following.

What is Jayda’s height?

Having a height of 5 feet and 1 inch, Jayda is rather tall.

What makes the name Jayda so well-known?

Jayda, a YouTube star and business owner, is the owner of Amour Jayda LLC. She is also well-known for the well-liked YouTube channel that she runs.

How much money is Jayda currently thought to be worth?

By 2021, it’s expected that Jayda’s net worth will be close to $4 million. A legitimate source still needs to verify this.

If anyone knows who Jada Wayda’s boyfriend is?

Lil Baby, a well-known rapper, and Jada Wayda once had a romantic relationship.

What is Jayda’s age?

The age of Jayda is 24.

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