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Life of a journalist wife of a celeb and Life of a decent music producer in US

A celebrity spouse always has to face challenges whether in her personal life or her professional life. And when a celebrity wife is a journalist it becomes even more challenging. A celebrity wife has to bear nonsense of the public as everyone in the public sees her as the one who has got into the profession from a favor from her celeb husband. Life for celeb wives is not easy. Suddenly the comfort of anonymity is snatched away, and one is thrust under the limelight, in front of the paparazzi. The wife of famous actor/director changes forever. She is scrutinized and her sense of dressing and social behavior is analyzed and dissected. Marion Jollès Grosjean is a huge example.

Journalism as a profession is very hard because one has to sacrifice a lot to succeed at the highest level. People think that the celebrity has influenced her partner in getting the job which makes it even more difficult for a journalist wife of a celeb. For example when Tyson Fury’s partner got a job in the Loose woman of BBC she was rumored to be getting a job because of the influence of her partner. But one has to understand that she has her own doing in this. She has done good work herself and has a lot of fans on her social media handles. She is followed by a lot of people on her social media handles and it is her own hard work that has helped  her succeed and get a job in one of the most reputed channels such as BBC.

Life of a decent music producer in US

A music producer is the one who produces music for any given audio track. Life of a decent music producer in the United States depends upon his work. It can be very luxurious and can also be very struggling. As English is an universal language it can reach large number of masses. A decent music producer might be one who is struggling to find a way in the music industry and is working just to gain experience so that he can work in the industry in the longer context. Music as a profession is not taken very seriously by the parents of children who really want to get into it. One has to struggle to find a way to get into the mix of things and succeed at the highest level. Jordan Bratman is a huge name.


No Institute can teach you how to make music. Firstly, music isn’t theory, it isn’t like an exam. Music is emotions, it has to come from within you. All those institutes will teach you is music theory, how to use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), and probably some mixing. There isn’t a fixed salary, you get paid on the basis of your work, the quality. Career isn’t guaranteed, if you don’t have any contacts in the industry. Trust me, it’s all money thing in the industry. It’s fun, you get to make music, experiment different styles, meet with people, collaborate and stuff.

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