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Life of a Poker Player and Life of an Adult Star

Luxury cars, exotic holidays, and spending sprees might be what come to mind when you think of the lives of top online poker professionals. The reality is that poker is not all flash and fortune. It’s a long and arduous journey to the big wins and riches we see on screen. A professional career takes unbelievable dedication and sacrifice. Sure, some poker stars might lead glamorous lives, but players also make great sacrifices to play poker online and offline professionally. Most have to lead frugal lives to make it to the top. Even poker master Daniel Negreanu advises spending less on things such as groceries. Some top players might be multimillionaires, but the majority of people playing poker professionally earn far less. Phil Hellmuth is a prime name.

Poker is a skill-based game. You might benefit from a favorable hand, but someone with a worse hand can take your money when they know what to do with it. Pro players have a strict study routine in place. They spend an hour or two a day reading quality poker guides and books and analyzing videos of poker online. People often think that professional players just play a few big games, win them, and then call it a day. Professional players play countless games every day. They maximize their time by playing multiple online games simultaneously. This means they play against very different opponents with different skill levels. Because of this, even a pro player spends a portion of their time losing. It’s pure statistics. If you play a lot, you’ll lose from time to time. Losing is a part of their life, and it doesn’t stop them from showing up for the next game.


Youngsters enjoy watching adult films but they have never spared a thought about the actors in it. They are just fascinated by the adult films but they do not know about the difficulties adult actors have to face. Unlike what most people think, porn is not an easy profession. There is difference in pay scales for men and women. Unlike most other professions, women tend to earn more money than their male counterparts in the porn industry. Female performers put in more work hours. To last longer than that 6 month introductory period you have to be really good at what you’re doing, and have something unique that makes studios want to keep hiring you. It’s also important to have a large and loyal fan base clamoring to see new scenes. Katiana Kay is a huge example.

There’s less competition among male performers. But that does not mean that their job isn’t hard. Physical fitness is of utmost importance. Even if the actor has cold, he/she is sent back home because they don’t want to shoot a person who is sniffling time and again because of a running nose. Even if the actor gets a bruise while performing, they are bid goodbye and a substitute is signed up. As can be gauged from this, the competition is fierce.

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