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Life Of The Wife’s Of Hollywood Celebrity

There are a plethora of wonderful couples and families in Hollywood, but there are also numerous celebrities who have found true love outside of the limelight. Sarah Hiddleston can see be seen as a great example of it.

Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic
Oscar nominee Christian Bale found his current wife, Sibi Blazic, through their common friend Winona Ryder. However, Blazic’s situations were not all that luxurious. Sibi has started to work as Ryder’s personal secretary at the time, while also chasing a modelling career. She and Bale have been married since 2000 and have two kids, but don’t expect to learn much more about how they met or what their daily lives are like. The couple is extremely secretive.


Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso
The celebrity of Good Will Hunting is married to Luciana. When she first found the 50-year-old actor, She was a 45-year-old, single mother to her daughter Alexia. Barroso met the Golden Globe winner while operating as a bartender in Miami in 2003. Damon and his crew were in town shooting the comedy movie Stuck on You when they landed in her bar one evening. In December, the couple tied the knot in a secret wedding in New York City. TODAY reported at the time that the bride’s daughter Alexia was available for the wedding.

Ken Jeong and Tran Ho
Ken Jeong used to make his patients feel nicer before deciding to make viewers giggle on Community and Dr. Ken. He was a health professional before Hollywood recognised his comedic abilities. He met his wife, Tran Ho, a medical doctor, at a happy hour for single physicians during his initial career. According to NPR, Jeong was given the role in The Hangover while Ho was being regarded for Stage 3 breast cancer, and she motivated him to do it without feeling guilty. She has been cancer-free for a decade, and she and her husband have two children.

Mma Players Wife’s Life
Rebecca Dillashaw – Tj Dillashaw’s Wife

Rebecca Dillashaw was born in 1984 in America and brought up there. Rebecca started studying Visual Communications at Sonoma State University and has worked in the business community. Dillashaw has held various positions at MTV Networks (Viacom Media Networks), Lionakis, Sactown Magazine, as well as McCarthy Building Companies Inc. Rebecca is presently the Director of Operations at TJ Dillashaw Inc. After a lengthy courtship, Rebecca tied the knot with TJ Dillashaw in 2014. The animal loving duo has one kid.

Melissa Pellegrino – Kurt Pellegrino’s Wife

Melissa Pellegrino, a former UFC fighter, was a high school sweetheart of Kurt Pellegrino. Melissa used to be a financial analyst and a fitness trainer. Pellegrino is a stay-at-home mom who is also involved with her partner’s MMA training health club. Her husband, Kurt Pellegrino, and she have two children.

Destiny Johnson – Demetrious Johnson’s Wife
Destiny Johnson, also known as Mighty Wife on social networking sites, was born in 1987 in America. Destiny joined Pierce College and has worked as a bartender, server, LPO closing aide and K8 enrollment expert, among other things. Johnson had a difficult childhood, similar to her partner’s, and was explained as the best thing that ever happened to him. The couple tied the knot in Hawaii in 2012 and has two sons and one daughter together. Destiny enjoys physique and takes trips all across the globe, and also she takes good care of her skin. Not to forget Amy Askren is a great example to follow.



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