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Modular Homes – Answer to the Australian Housing Crisis

Australia has always had a tumultuous relationship with modular homes that first made its presence felt in the 1800s. It came through to offer comfort to the settlers and help rescue the poor from the great depression. Today, it has made its comeback again!
Modular homes Australia market will witness a rise from 3% to 15% by 2025. It will add $30 billion to the Australian economy and give birth to over 20,000 jobs!
Besides that, modular homes are sure to rectify the housing issue prevalent in Australia.
Perhaps, it’s time to leave behind the obsession with brick and mortar houses and embrace the concept of modular homes. All for the right reasons!
Let’s take a look at why modular homes Australia is beneficial.

Simplified design construction

Any quality modular home follows Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA), which ensures that the design of any product is simple. It makes the manufacturing and assembly process quicker and more efficient at lower costs.
DfMA indicates and features high standards of design in modular homes. It further reduces the chances of defects.
Additionally, since modular homes are crafted off-site, it ensures no obstruction in the process due to weather changes!

Price of modular homes Australia

As opposed to the cost of onsite construction, modular home construction costs are about 20-40% less. Labour only comes in handy during the transportation of the housing unit. Hence, it reduces labour costs while streamlining construction processes.
Add to it, the usage of technology ensures no time is wasted, either.
All of this saves money and time, which leads to lower pricing that works in favour of the final occupant!

Speed of construction

Building a house on the site can go sideways so fast! There could be a delay on the contractor’s end, or some skills shortage may arise. Several things can derail the construction project.
But, with a prefabricated modular home, these issues are nil. With construction issues at a minimum, occupants can move into their new house quicker.
This is an excellent benefit for the Australian housing sector, which is still grappling with the repercussions of the 2019-2020 bushfire incident. Rebuilding these ashen towns will take lesser time if the modular housing industry gains rightful momentum!


Who isn’t aware of the dangers of heavy on-site construction machinery? Construction-related mishaps always cause a great shudder.
With modular housing, this issue is obliterated. All the construction is done in a factory setting that does not require a worker to be far from the ground level. Reduced occupational incidents ultimately add to the overall productivity, ensuring less turnover of construction workers.
Moreover, construction in a factory also allows for better temperature and air quality regulation. This inadvertently helps the workers in the long run, too.


Research studies indicate that modular homes help mitigate onsite waste by a staggering 90%! All the packaging waste, excess plasterboard, rubble and timber offcuts are significantly reduced or eradicated in modular home construction.
Eventually, it ensures the reduction of CO2 emissions and less waste in landfills – a great win for the environment!

Final Words

The Australian population is expected to grow significantly in the next couple of decades. This growing population demands a place of shelter, rightfully so!
Building brick and mortar houses are more expensive and inconvenient and take a lot of labour and time. It’s precisely why siding with modular homes is the right decision! It will result in an excellent quality of affordable homes – something that the Australian housing industry indeed requires!

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