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Nitto Trail Grappler Review

Every jeep owner has a diverse love for their jeep. I know you are the same too. If you are searching for new wheels for your beloved jeep, then the Nitto trail grappler should rank top on your list. Why wouldn’t it be? 

The Japanese company Nitto has been ruling the industry since 1945. That says enough about the quality of their products. But does it give enough reasons to buy a Nitto trail grappler? No, of course not. Before buying anything, you must do massive research in order to grab the best one. So why compromise with the Nitto trail grappler? In this Nitto Trail Grappler review you will get to know why Nitto Trail Grappler is the best!

About Nitto trail grappler-

Let’s get to know trail grappler a little before getting into the review part-

-The sidewall is constructed with three plies and high turn-ups to increase puncture resistance.

-Advanced sound analysis equipment was used to reduce off-road tire noise systematically. 

-NITTO manufactures tires using an automated assembly system. As a result, they are exceptionally uniform. A smooth ride can be achieved on paved roads because of this.

-The lugs on one sidewall are V-shaped, while the lugs on the other are flat.

-To ensure continuous off-road traction, the tread is designed with a balanced void ratio to remove mud and dirt efficiently.

-Nitto engineers use 3d animations in order to make grapplers.

– Mounted on 17-inch Black Rhino Armory wheels with 35-inch M/T tires.

– From 15 to 26 inches, there are dozens of wheel sizes available.

Nitto trail grappler review-

Let’s dig into Nitto trail grappler pros and cons of understanding Nitto trail grapplers so that you can easily make your decision-

Nitto trail grappler pros-

  1. Keep your jeep tarmac no matter how massive mills you run.
  2. Give you the smoothest ride.
  3. The aggressive tread pattern is the perfect solution, whether mud, snow, sand or anything in between. Jeep’s reinforced shoulder grooves, mud evacuation channels, central siping, leading-edge tread, and side lug blocks help it bite into the terrain.
  4. The trail grappler is so easy to clean you can just blow it out and enjoy its killer tread pattern. I air up to 30 psi when it’s time to head home, and the ride home is quiet and smooth. Nitto makes every jeep owner’s dream come true.
  5. Budget-friendly yet durable. You can easily use it for 44000-50000 miles before thinking about changing it.
  6. The Trail Grappler uses an all-terrain tire compound for extra cushioning on rough surfaces. Moreover, there are three solid side tires with high anti-roll ability. Due to this, road tires are less prone to punctures. Which makes it off-road king.
  7. With this tire, Nitto achieves 34% lower noise levels at street speeds and 36% lower highway noise levels.

8. The Trail Grappler M/T benefits from a central air inlet for enhanced wet grip. And it is a true expert at sludge suction in a balanced ratio between gaps that allows sludge and loose dirt to move around. Besides preventing dirt and other terrains from adhering to the tread, the tread gap also helps prevent slipping. This reduces the tire’s wear because dirt, mud, and smaller gravel affect the movement process.

9. Trail grapplers are so quiet. They keep quiet until 20k miles; that’s even an enduring ability.

10.They had no issues with the tires balancing or getting punctures.

11.Only tire brands that are true to size.

Nitto trail grappler cons-

  1. Those 3-ply sidewalls help minimize punctures; Those make little problems if you love to or wish to drive in a desert.
  2. Those big wheels will demand more fuel which may cost you much.
  3. They don’t rock that much in the rain.
  4. A slippery surface is another story, though they normally run well on the ice. It would help if you sipped the Trail Grappler before running them. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the weight of a Nitto Trail Grappler?

As far as the load capacity is concerned, it holds up to 3640 lbs of weight, has a maximum air pressure of 80 psi, has a tread depth of 21/32″, and is suitable for rims with 8.5-10.5 inches in width.

2. Is Toyo the same as Nitto?

No, they are not the same. The wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyota Tire Corporation of Osaka, Japan, is Toyota Tire Holdings of Americas Inc. (TTHA). The company manufactures, imports, sells, and distributes Toyo and Nitto tires throughout the United States and Canada, with its headquarters in Cypress, California.

3. Where is the Nitto Trail Grappler made?

White, Georgia

4, Nitto Ridge grapplers perform well in sand, right?

 The Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tire is not as good on packed dry dirt or gravel, but it works well when it comes to mud and deep sand.


Nitto trail grappler is one massive bad boy who can help you rule your city. As you have seen, it has more pros than cons. Basically, that speaks volumes about its ability. Does this Nitto trail grappler review help you decide? I can assure you it does. Well, don’t think anymore; just grab your Nitto trail grappler and rule the city like a king.

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