While it is true that Murano’s glassmaking techniques have remained unchanged through the years, that does not mean there’s no space for innovation. Our Glassmaking Artisans are first and foremost artists after all. Their great skill daily allows them to create original and inimitable artworks. All items created by Murano’s Glass Masters are one-of-a-kind, as they are all hand-made and embellished with free-hand decorations and engravings. Each piece you’ll find at YourMurano is made through a unique combination of carefully selected colors and decorations to bring you exclusive, elegant, and creative collectible items.

The products born of our Artisans’ skills are not limited to the traditional vases, bowls and drinking glasses. Other techniques are also used to create stunning sculptures of human, animal, and abstract figures. As it often happens, artists are influenced not only by their surroundings, but also by other artists, creating new forms of art.

Our Glassmaking Artisans through their exceptional abilities were able to combine their craft’s secular traditions and techniques with Picasso’s art, bringing to life multicolored and breathtaking head sculptures. While all items produced in Murano’s furnaces are unique, these sculptures are truly unprecedented. The base of the sculpture is created through the traditional glass-blowing techniques; then colorful pieces of molten, still incandescent glass are added on the surface so as to create a human face’s attribute. The bright colors used along with the misplaced facial features, in true cubist style, make these sculptures original artworks. With one of these pieces you’ll surely be able to express your artistic creativity while adding a modern and stylish touch to your home. Browse our extensive catalogue of luxury home décor items and don’t forget to check out our Picasso Head Sculptures to enrich your home or as an elegant and exclusive gift!

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