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Raffaele Riva Explores Entrepreneurship in Real Estate

Founding AUREA Multi Family Office in 2008, Raffaele Riva helped to create and moderate numerous major companies, including Milano Fiduciaria, BGB Aurea LTD, and Aurea Consulenti Associati SA. A managing partner for a slew of advisory companies throughout the late 90s and early aughts, Riva learned a lot about the industry along the way, taking time to learn and specialize in corporate financing and restructuring.

Finding success in such large and cutting-edge fields, Riva collected thoughts, tips, and pieces of advice from what he picked up along the way. 

Let’s take a closer look at the life and career of Raffaele Riva as well as how he believes today’s entrepreneurs can take a major step toward their goals.

Taking Control of Your Future

Life in real estate isn’t as simple as one might hope. As the leader of the company and the ace of the business, Riva begins his process at around 7:30 am by taking on the most pressing matters of the day.

Riva says, “There is no typical day in my working life.”

With that being said, Raffaele Riva understands that you can take an approach to your day-to-day duties that is organized while still flexible. Riva says, “I have a daily journal noting down the various activities that I have to be done during the day.”

As an entrepreneur, Raffaele Riva understands that much of what he does relies on his ability to self-start to accomplish it. Entrepreneurs famously have to tackle most of the work themselves, which means that they ought to be as prepared as possible. Riva suggests to others following in his footsteps, “Strive to succeed in all areas: work and personal life.”

Overcoming Obstacles and Growing From Struggle

Life and struggle coincide with one another, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot overcome those hurdles. Riva says that one of his primary struggles during his career was allowing his business to grow larger than he was able to moderate. Riva states, “I committed to too many opportunities and projects with too many business partners.”

As the leader of AUREA and its group of umbrella companies, Riva works closely with his business partners to better delegate and manage the duties before him. Riva says that he finally gave into the idea of looking for help when he realized that he was giving too much of his personal life and energy to the business.

Riva stated of this revelation, “I overcame it by understanding that “‘I don’t do it’ is completely different than ‘I cannot do it’ and I came back to my healthy growth by saying, ‘No more.”

While Raffaele Riva is more focused on generating positive growth in his life and business, he is focused as always on the happiness of his clients. Riva states, “Providing value in the lives of your clients has always been extremely important for my long-term business success.”

To keep striving for growth, Riva advises other entrepreneurs to always ask themselves how they can better serve and satisfy their clients, focusing on providing solutions and initiatives.

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