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Sofa bed – the advantages of the solution

The sofa bed is a type of sofa that has a built-in unfolding mechanism which allows turning it into a bed. As a result, you can save a lot of space in small flats. However, this is not the only advantage.

  • guest bed – thanks to the convertible sofa, you are always ready to receive guests for the night. In minutes, you can unfold it and provide visitors with a comfortable place to sleep. You never know when an extra bed will come in handy – it’s a great option for unexpected visits!
  • convenience – the sofa bed is also a guarantee of full comfort. Thanks to modern systems, unfolding the bed becomes quick and easy. In just a few steps, you can transform a living room into a cosy bedroom with a large bed. What’s more, contrary to appearances, folding sofas are extremely comfortable.
  • additional storage space – each sofa with a space to sleep also has a built-in storage space, where you can store bedding, blankets, pillows, or other accessories for which you can’t find space in your home!
  • durability – sofa beds are made of pleasant and durable materials, so you do not have to worry about what will happen to them as a result of intensive use. However, remember to buy from reliable furniture manufacturers!

Bed or sofa bed?

Although a sofa bed is a very comfortable and functional solution, it is best suited to small flats and studios, where every piece of free space matters. In addition, it is also a good proposition for a youth room. It allows you to keep order, but also meets the needs of every teenager – it is both a sofa for sitting with friends and a comfortable bed. Check the available models in the store https://www.dakohome.co.uk/sofas/sofa-sofa-beds!

A traditional bed is an irreplaceable piece of equipment in every bedroom. If the room is big enough, it will be the better decision, undoubtedly. A large, comfortable, but also classic bed allows you to create a relaxation zone in the bedroom. Traditional beds are also recommended for older people who may have problems unfolding the sofa.

Various types of sofa beds

When choosing a sofa bed, you can meet two different types – traditional or corner sofas. As already mentioned, a smaller sofa is a perfect solution for studios or small flats. On the other hand, the corner sofa will be perfect for large living rooms where the whole family gathers. After unfolding the corner, there is a lot of free space to sleep. On such a couch, you can successfully organize film nights together!

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