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The Budapest Accounting and Auditing services in 2022 You Are Looking for

Looking for accounting in Budapest? You can focus on your profession while we look after your accounts and taxes. Professional accounting services in English for your Hungarian company.

Why do you need accounting Budapest?

It would be best if you got a professional to assist you with all the invoicing and reports associated with accounts payable and accounts receivable. Additionally, this is required for creating strong financial choices.

Our team of certified public accountants in Budapest will also file the required monthly, quarterly, and yearly statements on your behalf. In addition to delivering well-written business reports, our experts can update you on any new tax regulations that may affect your company.

Why FirmaX?

The Budapest-based accountants and bookkeepers at FirmaX are here to help relieve some of the stress associated with financial management. In order to meet the needs of smaller to medium-sized companies as well as rising enterprises, we have designed a set of reliable accounting services that are both competent and affordable.

FirmaX tailors its accounting practices to meet the specific requirements of each particular customer and company. Our accounting Budapest services have a “paying as you go” costing structure. Accountancy fees for inactive project firms start at a base rate and rise in line with the volume of business transactions they perform.

To help your company succeed, we offer a wide range of bookkeeping and accounting assistance staffed by experienced professionals in the field. Our services include:

Services in accounting

Excellent, fully insured, and guaranteed dual-entry bookkeeping services for companies of all sizes, wherever in the world, in any language.

Tax advice and management

All-inclusive advice to back up businesses’ financial choices. Strategic tax preparation to reduce unpleasant shocks and maximize profits

Wage and labour contract services

They provide comprehensive labour services, pay scales, and job descriptions across all industries. They are setting up a Cafeteria system and getting it officially recognized.

Comparative management reports

Maintain ongoing economic, stability, and financial condition updates for the principal. Quarterly or as-needed report and template customization per client need.


Unlike many other nations, starting a business in Budapest is relatively easy. To stay out of legal issues, though, you must read the rules and regulations carefully.

You could monitor revenue and expenses, meet regulations, and shareholders, management, and administration may all be supplied with accurate financial data that you can utilize to guide overall business choices thanks to accounting’s central position in the operation of a company.

Consult the FirmaX team of committed experts if you want to improve your life and your company’s prospects. One phone call may change everything, whether it comes to bookkeeping, auditing, taxation, or business consultancy.

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