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The future of social media and its impact on digital marketing

Social media is a tool that allows users to interact freely with each other and presents enormous opportunities for companies to engage with their target audience. In this age of digital marketing, where digital media platforms are widely used to promote brand awareness, social media is emerging as a popular medium for marketers. 

Due to the huge impact of social media on digital marketing, a Master’s in Digital Marketing focuses strongly on the use of social media marketing in the e-commerce industry. Having a strong understanding of the various tools used in social media marketing is helpful in the coming years as the number of social media and digital device users is continuously on the rise.

Let’s explore the possibilities of social media marketing and its impact on digital marketing.

What is social media marketing?

A recent Statista report suggested that there are around 4.7 billion active social media users in the world and an individual spends an average of 147 minutes every day on different social media platforms. 

With a huge number of social media users worldwide companies are turning to social media to promote brand awareness and increase sales. Social media marketing is the use of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Twitter to connect with the audience and promote their products and services. 

What is the future of social media in digital marketing?

With the global usage of digital devices rising each year, the impact of social media on digital marketing is likely to increase further. Social media marketing is a cost-effective method that brands can depend on at any time. This makes it a more viable option than any other form of digital marketing.

The choice of social media platform depends on the consumer a company want to target. Instagram has emerged as the top social media platform for marketing products due to a large number of people using it. Brands conduct market research, collect data and identify their target audience before developing a marketing strategy. Then they socialize and entertain the audience while at the same time pitching their product and services. 

Users also have the option to send messages and directly communicate with the brands on social media. This increases their urge to buy a product or choose a service. Many users have agreed to the fact that constant exposure to brand leads on social media has inspired their decisions to buy products. 

Looking at the nature of consumer behaviour, social media is likely to emerge as the most popular tool for digital marketers in the future. Social media has become a platform where people share every aspect of their life and build a community around them. Besides, social media is also subject to change every year due to innovations in technology and people finding new uses for various platforms. 

Hence, social media marketing will become stronger in the coming years and will present numerous career opportunities for qualified individuals. Enrol in a digital marketing program to learn more about various social marketing techniques.

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