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The Perfect Process to Adjust Your Towing Mirror

Driving a towing vehicle across the vast Aussie landscape isn’t a straightforward gig. Your rearview has an undeniable obstacle of a trailer or a boat. Hence, safe driving requires a little more attention.

Using specialised towing items like Clearview accessories can improve your road safety. For instance, custom-made towing mirrors offer more convenience than a regular rearview unit.

However, the most vital aspect is the way you adjust your towing mirror. There is a proper process to install and fine-tune these safety items. Scroll ahead for this crucial info and enjoy a safe drive for your next caravan trip.

Install Tow Mirror the Right Away

Towing mirrors are extension items for a better rearview. So, you should follow the proper installation procedure right from the beginning.

You should attach these mirrors at a wide angle. Next, go to the back of your caravan and look along one side. The inside part of the towing mirror should be in line with your van.

This is the simplest way to install a towing mirror. You can even use items like Clearview accessories for better positioning.           

Observation Behind the Wheel

You can analyse the perfect installation of your extension mirror by looking at the rearview. Here’s what you should look for:

  • Unobstructed view along both sides
  • Clear visibility of rear side corners
  • The broad perspective of your trailer or boat

Adjusting Your Towing Mirror

Did you notice the extension mirror folding abruptly on some occasions? If yes, it’s the effect of air pressure.

Also, if you drive on rugged Aussie terrain, towing mirrors can fold back. You should know the proper process to adjust these items in such cases.

Checking the alignment is crucial to view the vehicles approaching from behind clearly. Here’s the most effortless process in simple words:

  • Sit in your driving seat to adjust the towing mirrors
  • Align the mirrors in a straight position, perpendicular to your van
  • Start adjusting the left mirror in a lateral angular position
  • Next, look at the rearview of your van
  • For the safest adjustment, aim for visibility of around 60 metres
  • Repeat the same process for the right-hand side towing mirror

You shouldn’t see a large portion of your vehicle in the towing mirror glass. The visibility of the edge of your van is enough for proper alignment.

Also, in the case of towing mirrors, one thing is sure. Aim for a bigger size. This way, you won’t need to spend much time adjusting the rearview sight.

Finally, pay attention to the cleanliness of the mirror. You wouldn’t want dust or dirt obstructing the rearview. Hence, along with proper installation and adjustment, aim for regular maintenance.

Wrapping Up

Adjusting the towing mirror isn’t a very complex task. However, you should pay attention to the installation and alignment aspects. In the beginning, maintain a wider angle. Then, ensure that the inner edge of your mirror stays in line with the vehicle body.

Adjusting these mirrors can be a regular activity. You might need to realign the position on multiple occasions. During long drives, an incorrect process can obstruct the rearview. Hence, follow a simple angular adjustment.

Aim for the vision of around 60 meters after alignment. This way, you have an excellent chance to observe the traffic approaching behind the trailer.

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