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The sugar daddy phenomenon

When it comes to dating, it’s not about the sweet life – it’s about the sugar.

The digital age has undoubtedly changed the notions of dating and the patterns of seduction have changed a lot. Nowadays we already see in many European countries, as for example in Denmark, women take the initiative when it comes to seduction. In other more sexist countries, it is still believed that it is the man who has to take the first step and that the role of the woman is simply to wait for her knight.

The phenomenon of sugar daddy and sugar dating has been growing in almost all countries. Therefore, many sugar daddy websites exist to build a connection between the two parties. The phenomenon began in the United States, but quickly spread to other geographies. Countries like Brazil, Canada, France, South Africa have seen the phenomenon gain more relevance in recent years.

Origin of the Definition of Sugar Daddy

The definition of the term sugar daddy is not new. The expression emerged in 1908, with the marriage of Adolph Spreckles, 51, heir to a sugar factory, with the 27-year-old Alma de Bretteville, who called him by the term (which in Portuguese means “sugar daddy”). ). Since then, Americans have adopted it to classify as a sponsor and sponsored in moral and social terms.

In recent years, traditional relationships have been revolutionized, giving way to new types of relationships, such as free love, open relationship, polyamory and also the sugar relationship, in which there are two protagonists – the sugar daddy and the sugar baby.

The first term refers to generally mature, financially successful men who are willing to share their upscale lifestyle with attractive, sophisticated women. They are men who already have stable lives, but they long to have someone who will take them out of their stressful and ordinary daily lives. They are modern, but have a notorious and fascinating life experience. Most of the time they are reserved, extremely demanding and appreciate a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle. They are looking for solid relationships and a sugar baby worth investing their time and money in.

The real sugar daddy is an experienced, confident, successful man who works hard and is therefore very prosperous. A daddy likes to share his wealth, knowledge and moments with his sugar baby.

Does this mean that all mature, rich men are sugar daddies? Not. The generosity factor is usually what can differentiate a sugar daddy from a salt daddy (a term that characterizes a daddy who doesn’t like to spend money).

Therefore, when a young woman, determined and with clear goals – a sugar baby – looks for a mature, generous man, with a very well established network – a sugar daddy – she expects to learn new things, get pampered and live amazing moments in travel. around the world.

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What Does It Take to Be a Sugar Daddy?

When we ask this question, the quickest and most objective answer would be: having money.

Having money is important, but there are things as important as money and the first of them is honesty. Being honest with what you want and expect from a sugar baby, in addition to making your life easier, will make you look good.

Another essential factor is respect. The sugar relationship is, in general, a relationship with interests coming from both parties, both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy are responsible for the success of the relationship. That’s why respect is fundamental and should exist on both sides.

What is a Sugar Daddy Like?

First, it is necessary to make it clear that not everyone is older. This is yet another myth that circulates whenever sugar relationships are talked about.

A sugar daddy is a generous man, who can give and benefit his sugar baby in many ways besides the money itself. They can be much more than just a relationship where there are financial exchanges. A sugar daddy can be a true mentor for a sugar baby in her personal and professional growth.

Why Become a Sugar Daddy?

One of the main factors that lead a man to want to have a relationship with a sugar baby is time and lightness. He is usually a successful man who is too busy to deal with traditional relationships, so he looks for easy, uncomplicated relationships and sugar babies to help him escape the rut of his work and everyday life.

Sugar relationships are relationships where everything you want and expect from the partner is put on the agenda even before the relationship begins, which makes it easier and makes both parties agree and feel satisfied.

In conclusion, for a sugar baby to find a sugar daddy , women have to be young,  determined, objective and aspire to achieve all their dreams. They have true mentors in their sugar daddies who can help them in their search for social and professional advancement.

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