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Tips for choosing wooden pallets

Pallets are essential for the shipping and logistics industry. They are used in various warehouses for transporting bulk items or large quantities of goods. But the most popular ones are the wooden pallets. After all, they are used across the globe by many businesses or companies because of their many benefits. You can look for manufacturers of pallets and order them immediately. If you are unsure about choosing pallets made of wood, you can read further and learn the benefits. Additionally, you can learn the essential factors that will help you pick the right one for your transportation. 

What are the advantages of picking pallets made of wood?

A wooden pallet is created from sawn wood rafters and boards. According to a website, 1.9 billion pallets made of wood are utilised in the global supply chain. To know the advantages, continue reading this article.

  • They are durable and strong: Pallets made of wood are created from superior-quality products, making them strong and durable. Hence, it is favourable and beneficial for logistics and shipping industries to store and transport heavier goods or items. For instance, if you have a large consignment shipped in containers, you must look for durable and strong pallets.
  • They are affordable: You don’t have to splurge on pallets made of wood. They are inexpensive and accessible with ease. After all, they are made from timber, which comes at a low price. Buying in bulk for your logistics company is an excellent choice since you can get them all at an affordable rate. 
  • They can be recycled: You can easily recycle the pallets without utilising any distinct procedure. Chemicals are not required to mould the pallets. You can transform the pallets into items for your business or office, like tables. That’s why pallets made out of wood are incredibly popular in Australia
  • They are simple and can be maintained easily: Pallets made of wood can be easily maintained, even during rainy weather. Since excess water can damage the pallets, you must ensure that it is kept in a safe place. But ensure you cover them to prevent water sipping in rainy weather. 

What to look for while choosing pallets made of wood?

You can easily access wooden pallets online and find the best manufacturers. But you might need to be better informed about choosing the right pallet for your company or business. So, given below are a few tips.

  • Design: If you are interested in more than just a pallet design, you will have to provide instructions to the manufacturer about designing the pallet according to your needs. Packaging engineers are more than qualified to design and create pallets, but many small companies don’t hire them. Hence, you can look for larger or small companies with a packaging engineer available to design it splendidly. 
  • Types: You can look for hardwood or softwood pallets. Hardwood is made of maple and oak, whereas softwoods are made of pine. Hardwood pallets are the right choice for carrying and transporting heavy items since they are durable and can endure weights. They are also more expensive than softwood pallets. Softwood pallets are appropriate for less bulky items. 
  • Size: There are different measurements of pallets for all your shipping and logistics needs. For instance, the Euro pallet, 800X1200 mm, is a typical measurement. The half-sized Euro pallets or 600x800mm pallets are used when distributing products to consumers. You can also search for a custom-made pallet suitable for your business needs. 

Before choosing pallets made of wood, it is essential to research and find the best manufacturer that can create pallets to suit your requirements. These pallets are versatile, and you must ensure they are not damaged. 

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