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Top Online PG Programs by Caltech

Caltech (California Institute of Technology) is one of the most prestigious science and engineering institutes in the world. It guides some of the world’s brightest minds and most innovative solutions to address fundamental scientific questions and societal challenges. With a 124-acre campus in Pasadena, California, Caltech offers varied learning opportunities to around 1000 undergraduates and 1400 graduate students. It expands human knowledge and benefits society through research integrated with education. 

The institute always ranks at the top in Higher Education World University Rankings and has produced many Nobel Laureates. It maintains the overall student-to-faculty ratio of 3:1 which results in an exceptional learning experience for students. It pioneers new fields of research and stays ahead of its competitors with top-notch discoveries. As a student, you can be sure of getting world-class education when you enroll in any of its courses. Caltech’s Center for  Technology and Management Education (CTME) customizes unique learning experiences for organizations and their people to design and deliver practical training programs and certificate courses for teams and individuals.

Caltech CTME now offers online courses to help students learn from the comfort of their homes. These Caltech courses are basically Post Graduate programs conducted for 6 to 12 months and help students gain the in-demand skills of present times. Recently, Caltech CTME partnered with Simplilearn to offer some of the high-quality post-graduate programs. Simplilearn is a renowned online Bootcamp and certification training provider. It offers a range of online courses in categories like artificial intelligence, data science, big data analytics, project management, digital marketing, cloud computing, cybersecurity, software development, and more. The rich academic experience of CTME coupled with Simplilearn’s cutting-edge online learning system is all you need to take your career to a new level.

Currently, Caltech CTME offers three post-graduate programs in collaboration with Simplilearn. These are based on categories like DevOps, cloud computing, and software development. If you are aspiring to learn any of these subjects, then you can undoubtedly rely on these Caltech Bootcamps.

Read on to know the details of the top online PG programs offered by Caltech.

Post Graduate Program in DevOps

This program aims to make you a DevOps expert in 9 months. With training on tools like SaltStack, Jenkins, Maven, Kubernetes, Nagios, Puppet, Chef, and Ansible, you will gain hands-on skills in continuous deployment. Some of the topics covered in the program are continuous integration, continuous delivery, DevOps methodology, containerization, configuration management, source control, and deployment automation. The program involves industry-specific training from global experts and masterclasses by Caltech CTME faculty.

Further, there are over 20 hands-on projects, sandboxed labs, and a capstone project to enhance your practical knowledge. You can also leverage the Simplilearn JobAssist option to get career mentorship, resume assistance, and interview preparation tips. The program is suitable for system administrators, software developers, technical project and IT managers, and cloud and deployment engineers.

Post Graduate Cloud Computing Program

Designed in collaboration with Microsoft, this 12-month program helps you fast-track your cloud computing career. The instructor will help you explore the cloud architecture principles with AWS and Azure. They will make you familiar with designing, planning, and scaling advanced cloud implementations. Some of the top skills covered in the program are application migration, performance testing, disaster recovery, cloud provider selection, autoscaling, database management, identity access management, and MultiCloud deployment. The tools included are Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, Amazon ECS, Amazon DynamoDB, and Azure container service.

As a learner, you will be given access to 6 months of applied learning, over 40 hands-on projects, sandboxed labs, and a capstone project in 4 domains. The program is suitable for DevOps cloud engineers, cloud consultants, cloud project managers, cloud security architects, and other related roles. As part of the eligibility, you will require a bachelor’s degree in any field with 50% marks or higher.

Post Graduate Full Stack Web Development Program

This intensive 9 months program will let you gain expertise in advanced coding techniques along with front-end and back-end development. You will explore a number of topics as part of this course, like DevOps, Hibernate, AWS, JPA, JavaScript ES6, HTML5 and CSS3, Servlets, JSP, SOAP and REST. With an applied learning approach, you will also work on over 25 industry projects, sandboxed labs, and a capstone project. As part of Simplilearn career services, you will also get career guidance from industry specialists, attend mock interviews, and ace technical interview round.

Some of the cutting-edge tools involved are Docker, Angular, Git, Maven, JUnit 5, MongoDB, Jenkins, and HTML 5. The training program is suitable for individuals willing to learn front-end or back-end development, master the latest web development skills, as well as for web designers.   

This was a complete overview of the PG Programs offered by Caltech that you can take online and learn the subjects from scratch. A certificate by Caltech CTME and Simplilearn is recognized across industries and you will have better chances of impressing the employers than your peers. Enroll in an online Bootcamp of your choice and watch your career flourish.

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