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Types of Dining Table for Your Home

Size and material are not the only things to think about when choosing a dining table. Many households have trouble figuring out what the best dining table is for the space it will be put in. Find out why one shape is better than another and how the shape of a table affects the size of a room with our dining table guide.

Rectangular Dining Table

If you think of a banquet table or a formal dining room for special occasions, you’ll probably picture a long, rectangular table. It looks formal because of its straight lines, and a rectangular table is the best shape for a long, narrow room. But this kind of table doesn’t always have to be so big.

In apartments, rectangular dining tables are popular because they can seat as few as four people and still have room for two more at the head of the table.

To balance out a rectangular table’s strong shape, pair it with upholstered chairs, chairs with curved frames, or both, as Elicyon has done in this modern apartment.

Square Dining Table 

There is no doubt that a rectangular and a square dining room table have a lot in common. They both give a room a strong shape and a clean look. There are, however, a few differences that stand out.

  • Most of the time, these are the best dining tables for saving space because they can be pushed up against a wall and moved out of the way if needed. 

If you use dining chairs with sharp corners and no arms, they will slide under and take up less floor space. This gives you a dining table and chairs that go well together for a small space.

  • Another difference is that a square table will give you a more intimate table setting if you like the lines of a rectangular table but want it to be more like a round table. 

If you choose a large square dining table, like the one in the David Collins Studio photo, the place settings won’t be as close together, but the room will look more modern because the size and shape of table isn’t as common, so it makes a big statement.

Round Dining Table 

Onto round dining tables, whose shape softens the room’s atmosphere along with its shape.

This style of table looks good in any kind of home, from a country cottage with a wooden table with a curved pedestal leg to a penthouse apartment with a sleek table with walnut veneers, like the one from Dariel Studio.

The circle dining room table has another benefit in that it can fit a lot of people around its edge. Since there are no edges, you can put the seats all the way around with their arms touching.


If the size isn’t an issue and dining sets for small spaces aren’t on your list of things to worry about. Then, it can be just as hard to figure out what shape of the table looks best in a big room. Pushing together two small square dining room tables is one option that isn’t always obvious. This way, you get twice as much length and the extra width that comes with most square tables. If you live in a rented house, you can check out a coffee table on rent. You will save yourself from the hassle of shifting it to another place.

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