Music is a powerful tool for storytelling, and it can be used to convey emotion, create tension or set the mood in any film. It’s also a great way to add variety to your movie without having to resort to cliches like “the music swells as the action intensifies” or “as the story progresses, the music becomes more emotional. While you take a break from playing your Online Casino USA games take a look at the following are types of music that every movie needs.

The Main Title Theme 

This is the theme song that plays during the opening credits. It should be catchy enough to get you excited about what’s going on in the movie, but not so annoying that you want to play best paying casino online games when it comes up.

A Love Theme 

This is usually played over scenes where two characters fall in love. It could be a romantic ballad, an upbeat pop tune or something else entirely.

An Action/Adventure Theme

This is the main theme that plays while the hero is doing something exciting. Think “Mission Impossible” or “Die Hard.”

A Suspense Theme

This is the music that plays while someone is hiding from someone else. For example, if there’s a chase scene, this would play.

A Fight Theme

This is typically played when two people are fighting. It could be fast-paced, slow-tempoed or anything in between.

A Horror Theme

This is played when someone is scared or has just seen something scary. It could be suspenseful or even funny.

A Comedy Theme

This is played when someone is happy or laughing. It could be light hearted or serious.

A Sad Theme

This is played whenever someone is sad or depressed. It could be somber or uplifting.

A Mystery Theme

This is played anytime we don’t know who or what is causing some kind of trouble. It could be suspense-filled or comedic.

A Jazzy Theme

This is played at times when things are getting really cool. It could be dramatic or fun.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these movies with their corresponding themes:

• Mission Impossible (Love Theme): Ghost Protocol

• Die Hard (Action/Adventure Theme): Die Hard 2

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