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What Are ITIL Foundation Certification Prerequisites

Compiling a list of essential reasons that properly justify the benefits of ITIL is a tiresome job as there are numerous reasons as to why an individual should opt for ITIL. As of now, we are going to discuss the five essential objectives for which one should go for ITIL. 

History of ITIL

ITIL was founded in the UK during the 1980s. There were massive IT reforms that were being taken up by the UK government in the IT sector, be it restructuring certain practices or completely replacing certain modules with totally new and improved modules. These are a set of books that encompass the different practices present in IT Service Management. The name Library was thus derived due to this nature as it provided a source of knowledge which can be referred to by individuals or companies who want to build their career or business upon the fundamentals of IT Service Management. It is extremely useful for individuals and organizations as well. The framework that is included in ITIL is derived from the various practices of experts and professionals. 

Objectives of ITIL

The five important pointers that are going to be discussed are ‘High-Level Skill Set,’ ‘Preparing individuals for Future Jobs,’ ‘Technical aspects,’ ‘High and Better Salary’ and ‘Boosting skills.’ The research design of this certification is highly appreciated by individuals and experts all around the world. There are several processes, such as the implementation process, which form the backbone of the several processes available. The maturity level is also related to the research design. Implementing the processes is of topmost priority, as implementing the processes means maturity of ITIL implementation. The relation of implementing and maturity is perceived as a very positive one. The various levels of certification is surely an advantage for anyone looking for training and jobs that would suit their profile. The most basic level of ITIL certification is the ITIL training Foundation. It is a beginner level course that is taken up by beginners. In this course, the individuals are trained to understand the basic concepts of ITIL; the key elements that are covered in this topic are enough to impart knowledge of the Lifecycle and Lifecycle stages. 

The next level is the ITIL Practitioner, which is a very recent certification and has been released in 2016. It goes one step ahead in teaching the frameworks of ITIL using certain key formulas and by critical analysis. Here, the Service Capability is also discussed, which forms the major part after a product has been designed or service has been declared. This helps the trainees to gain a reality check on their own capabilities, and in the future, if they work for a company, then they help in assessing the company’s capability. ITIL Intermediate is another level which a bit more advanced than the Practitioner level. It is one of the most widely accepted certifications as organizations and agencies have been marked by preferring individuals with this certificate. It teaches the newly developed methods for implementation of the ITSM. There are several modules for an individual to opt for, and they need to have at least two years of experience in one module in each category. Then comes the ITIL Expert certification, which requires high-level knowledge and approach. The methodologies are much tougher than the preceding levels of ITIL Certification. Then comes the ITIL Master, which is the final and ultimate level of ITIL Certification. It requires the most amount of knowledge in comparison to all the other preceding ITIL Certifications. It uses the most advanced methods and processes of ITIL. The trainees of this certification are already professionals and experts who are looking for better credentials to their name. These five certifications can add more weightage to your resume and help you get more salaried jobs in and around the world. The investments in this sector usually pay off, so this is a very profitable market, and this ensures high payment and salary for the professionals. 

Taking up a certification is highly recommend and beneficial for a professional or an individual. The individuals who have been already employed around the world are enjoying high salaries and several other work benefits. These are highly respected individuals in their work environment, and they lend a very helpful hand in promoting and for the progress of their workplace.

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