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What is the cost of a school management system in India?

There are several school management systems accessible on the markets. Some of them have been advertised as free. However, the majority are paid, subscribers. Some are appropriate for small groups, while others are appropriate for multi-school groups. A bit additional information on the many possibilities. According to learner capability and the number of components, the school management system (LMS) cost can vary.

System of free school administration

Nothing in life is free, which is particularly true regarding free school management systems. If your school has fewer than 50 pupils, it is free. However, you must pay to continue using the program when your consumption grows. Many free versions will have a restricted set of capabilities that will not be sufficient to benefit your activities fully. It would help if you visited the LMS portal for the best and most free service. Free school administration systems generally aim to provide academic institutions with a first glimpse of the product and get them acquainted with it.

Open-source school administration software

What it means is an open-source platform. Academic institutions can buy the program, download it, and modify the code to make it fit their needs. The program must be downloaded and published to the college’s servers. The institution must hire its technical staff to employ an open-source program. Because servicing and data storage are continual requirements, it is unsuitable for academic institutions.

Paid school administration software

Pricing depends on the user.

Pricing plans for premium account paid school administration software vary. This might affect the total number of users that can access the system. The functionality supplied will might also be based on student strength. However, the cost will change in such cases. For example, if you teach 1000 pupils, you may pay 12,000 INR each month, invoiced annually.

The fee may increase if you desire parents to have User IDs in addition to students and employees. Many subscriber models charge solely, even by the number of students, rather than by the Ids, so read the contract conditions carefully. In addition, when the student population exceeds a certain number, the vendors are willing to negotiate. It is critical to determine whether the licenses are renewed annually.

Some providers charge institutions a set cost regardless of the number of users. It is the most expensive choice for larger academic institutions.

Pricing is determined per device.

Some providers charge based on the number of modules integrated within your classroom administration system. Schools may not require as many facilities as larger institutions. Getting a presentation from your provider before deciding which features are most suited to our organization’s needs is essential.

Regarding multi-group institutions, universities, and substantial single schools, it is recommended to consider purchasing school ERP software that the seller can modify to your specific needs.


Finding education management systems may be difficult—so tricky that school authorities are doing simple movements and cartwheels rather than attempting to find realistic software pricing for the scale of their district or school. After all, determining the exact cost of educational administration software might be difficult.

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