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What Is The Importance Of Kundalini Yoga? Benefits And Disadvantage

You will be amazed to know that Kundalini Yoga is one of the ancient healing practices, known to mankind. It can help you to connect with the divine energy and also heal you. Kundalini Yoga can unearth the dormant energy that is lying at the base of your spine. You will hear the term ‘serpent energy’ associated with this form of yoga in the times to come. This form of holistic wellness has been known to unearth certain hidden spaces inside the brain. Moreover, you will be using breath patterns, movements, and timing to unearth all the hidden possibilities within you. You can feel the vibrations of the yoga form, through the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training In India. 

There are more amazing facts in store for you, that will help you to realize the true meaning and benefits of Kundalini Yoga. You are actually born with this energy. However, most people spend their entire life, without knowing and experiencing it in its entirety. More than a few centuries ago, many rajas and princes were initiated into this form of yogic practice. However, it was kept hidden, due to the power of Kundalini. It can help you achieve anything in life, and that is why it is still unknown to many. Now, you can avail yourself of its benefits from the best yoga school in India, Samadhi Yoga Ashraml.

Importance of Kundalini Yoga 

It is very important for you, and all of us in general. Kundalini Yoga helps to clear the blocks in the chakras. Every mortal body has seven main chakras. If some or even a single chakra is blocked, it may lead to severe physical and mental ailments. However, when the sleeping snake at the bottom of your Root Chakra awakens, you are bound to have a divine experience. The 200 Hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training can help in the initiation of the process. It is a magical scientific route that uses mantras, poses, breathing patterns, and meditation to unblock all the channels.  Therefore, you become receptive to the magical energies of the universe. Additionally, it helps you identify the greater good that you came to the world for. So, you should learn Kundalini Yoga and avail yourself of its myriad benefits. You are born to be self-empowered, and Kundalini will help you do that to the fullest. 


Benefits of Kundalini Yoga 

All yoga forms benefit the body, soul, and your mind immensely. Kundalini Yoga is no different. 

  • The first thing that you will notice while practicing Kundalini Yoga, is that your willpower gets better. It lies in your Solar Plexus. So, when your Kundalini rises after awakening, it clears all the blocks in that area. You will stop doubting yourself and develop conviction in your abilities. 
  • Kundalini Yoga also strengthens the nervous system. The act actually tones your nervous system, while you are at it. Therefore, you will be able to remain calm and composed all the time. 
  • Kundalini yoga also helps to strengthen your brain cells. After you practice the breath of fire for a minute or so, you will find your mind becoming clearer. Moreover, you will become more focussed with time. 
  • Kundalini Yoga also makes your communication power better. It opens the Throat Chakra, and you are able to express yourself in a better manner. It mainly opens the heart and makes you compassionate towards the needs of others. 
  • It also reduces your stress and anxiety. Therefore, you will also suffer less from any sort of cardiac ailments as well. The blood inside the veins and arteries will flow well and in the right direction. That is why you should learn it at one of the best yoga school in India

Disadvantages of Kundalini Yoga 

The practice may seem to be a bit overwhelming for certain individuals. It mainly opens all the body channels and makes one receptive. So, you may also have some out-of-the-body experiences, which can intimidate you. Many practitioners report physical sensations that are out of the ordinary. If you are not fully prepared to receive all this power from the universe, you may face some negative effects. It is often associated with slow and controlled breathing patterns. That can make you dizzy. So, it is better to train under trustworthy schools, like Samadhi Yoga Ashram 

All the teachers are learned to the core, and can give you the best initiation into the 200 Hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. 

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