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Full Guide on Wpit18 com Login, Registration Dashboard in 2023

An Understanding of the Functioning and Registration Process of WPIT8.com

Many websites allow gamblers and betters to bet online. The wpit18.com is one such website that allows the betting enthusiasts of the Philippines to register online to watch or play the rooster fights online. The platform Wpit18 Online Sabong is a great website for all those who want to join rooster fight tournaments. In this context, it is pertinent to say that not all countries across the world encourage rooster fights. Countries like India, as of the day, believe that cock fighting hurts animals and is against their interest in animals. However, the website in context is very much legitimate in the Philippines. According to online user statistics, it is understood that the web portal is very convenient to use. The individual who is interested in using the web portal is required to register with the site before that person can participate in cock fighting.

About wpit18.com

This section of the content write-up discusses in-depth wpit18.com. This is an online web portal where betters and cock fighting lovers can watch roosters fighting with each other. This portal also facilitates users to watch cock fighters participate in cock fighting. What is wpit18.com? Besides being a website, it is an organization that represents World Pit Cup. The organization promotes and encourages rooster fights. Players participating in the game often bring their best roosters for fighting. People registered with the site are eligible to play cock fighting games only after earning 100 points.

Following are some of the important features of wpit18.com: –

  • The website is a free-of-cost gaming platform.
    • An individual can play this game by registering with the site online.
    • A player can use this portal and play the cock fighting games only if that person has earned 100 points.
    • The players participating in the rooster fights can make money by betting on roosters.
    • Social media accounts featuring the website are available online.
    • The game is hugely popular in the Philippines.

Game purpose

An individual can play cock fighting games after having registered with the website. At the end of the cock fight, the winner is the person with the maximum number of cocks still living. An important feature of this game is that many roosters die during the game. Many roosters get hurt or injured. In the Philippines, this game is very popular among the masses. Though many nongovernmental organizations are working hard to prevent such cock fighting games.

Functioning of wpit18.com

World Pit-masters Cup organizes online cock fighting games in the Philippines. Many people participate in such games. However, before registering with this website, one must know the following salient aspects of the website.

  • There are regulations and rules associated with the World Pit-masters Cup and cock fights in the Philippines.
    • Before registering with the website (wpit18.com), the individual is required to adhere to these rules and regulations.
    • Upon the start of the game, it is broadcasted live on wpit18.com/live/medium.
    • Rooster fights are very popular in the Philippines, and hence on the day of the match, the games are broadcasted live on the web.
    • The participating players are required to bring with them their cocks and take part in the games.
    • An appointed referee helps to get the best game results.

Process of Registration

Many may want to know how to register with the website (wpit18.com). They also want to know the steps involved in the signup process. Following are the steps that are involved in the sign-up process: –

  • If you are interested in registering with the website, then you are required to visit the website online by following the website URL.
    • You require the user id as well as the password for sign-in purposes.
    • If you don’t have an account with the website (wpit18.com) but want to create one, then you are advised to contact the corresponding technical support or customer support team.
    • Once you click “contact us,” you are directed to the associated WhatsApp or viper number.
    • The members of customer support (wpit18.com) often guide new users in the process of registration.
    • This website facilitates users to earn money online.


The website, in context, facilitates users to bet online and make money online. If the user faces any difficulty in registration or login, then that person can get in touch with the customer support team for help and assistance. Want to know more about how to use the website (wpit18.com) as also the step-by-step instructions for the process of registration? Contact relevant resources that are available on the web.  

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